Katrin Alvarez

Katrin Alvarez ( born July 9, 1944 in Güstrow ) is a German painter.

Life and work

Katrin Alvarez was born as the daughter of an army officer and a designer and an art teacher, grew up on a farm in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern. 1969 Katrin Alvarez graduated from the first state examination at the University of Cologne and began to work as a journalist. Under the pseudonym Sybille Braatz published it in 1971 Ilmgau Publisher Oberpfaffenhofen student S., a psychological portrait. After a two-year traineeship at the Cologne Rundschau she turned to painting and writing poetry and short stories. Her portrait of the actress Lilli Palmer in 1976 for the English title of whose autobiography thickness Lilli - good kid, Change Lobsters and Dance selected. Your framed with gold, silver and precious stones miniatures in 1981 in an exhibition of Cologne's Galerie Art and Psyche. 2004 showed the Agora Gallery in New York her work.

In 2007 she won the Allan Edwards Award from the Federation of Canadian Painters ( SFCA ) in Vancouver. 2011 one of her works for the " Phantastenmuseum " at the Palais Palffy in Vienna was selected. In the same year she recorded with the Vivid Arts Network Price " Onore alla creativita el'eccellenza nelle arti ". 2012 Alvarez received the Grande Médaille d'Or MCA Cannes Azur and was awarded the Leonardo Prize (painting ) of the Chianciano Art Award in 2012.

The German psychiatrist Thomas Gosciniak wrote about her work: " Katrin Alvarez pictures are not trying to explain, educate or instruct, nor do they have a mission. Nevertheless, they dig deep into each one, which is attracted by them. They act like a stone thrown into a lake: The crimps can expand the horizons of feelings and dreams and memories separate from debris so as to provide a new way to find the deeper, inner self. "



Katrin Alvarez: Borderline

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