Katrin Meißner

Katrin Meissner in the GDR Winter Championships in Potsdam ( 1988)

Katrin Meissner ( born January 17, 1973 in Berlin) is a former swimmer of the GDR and after 1990 from Germany.


Before 1990

Your first international appearance was in 1987, when she and the 4x100m freestyle relay gold medal of the GDR and the 50m freestyle won the bronze medal at the European Swimming Championships. At the Olympic Games in Seoul a year later it was 100 meters medley relay Olympic Champion with each of the 4 × 100 meter freestyle and the 4 ×. About 50 meters freestyle, it was enough for the bronze medal. For these achievements, she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold.

In 1989 then in Bonn, the first and only singles title race when they became European champion in the 100 meters freestyle. Later she was asked primarily as a reliable relay swimmer and has won numerous medals at world and European championships.

After the reunification

Even after German reunification Meissner was able to return to her successful career, even if another individual title materialize. Your greatest achievements came with the German Freestyle and Medley relays. Only in Sheffield, at the Short Course European Championships 1998 on 50 meters freestyle and in Fukuoka, at the World Swimming Championships in 2001 in the 100 meters freestyle, she won two silver medals their only individual medals after 1990.

2000 Meissner took part again at the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney. There she was on the 50 -meter freestyle Eleventh and with the German 4 × 100 meter freestyle and 4 × 100 meter medley relay, each fourth and missed her fourth Olympic medal just barely. In particular, with the freestyle relay she was only a hundredth of a second behind the third-placed Swedish squadron.

GDR doping process

Katrin Meissner joined the GDR doping process before the Berlin Regional Court against their former coach Volker Frischke and Dieter Lindemann. In the indictment, is that Lindemann has administered anabolic steroids among other Katrin Meissner in the 1980s.


Meissner presented numerous world and European records with both the German as well as with the East German squadron. Your only long course world record she could erschwimmen at the European Swimming Championships in Berlin in 2002, together with Petra Dallmann, Sandra peoples and Franziska van Almsick about 4 × 100 meter freestyle. Furthermore, they reached Short Course European records about 4 × 50 meters, 4 × 100 -meter freestyle and 4 x 50 meter medley.


Her career ended in 2004, after they failed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Athens at the German Championships. Since then, floats Katrin Meissner annually as a " supplement swimmer " for the Women's DMS team of water Spandau 04 It is, since 2005, Vice - President in the water Spandau friends 4