Katschberg Pass

Katschberg, in the background of Tschaneck


The Katschberg or the Katschberg ( 1641 m above sea level. A. ) connects the Katschtal in Carinthia with the Lungau. Katschberg is also the name of the settlement rotting at the top of the pass, part of the Carinthian village of Rennweg am Katschberg.

Around the summit extends the ski ski area Katschberg -Aineck.


The road over the Katschberg leads from the community Rennweg am Katschberg over the pass to St. Michael im Lungau. At the summit, the border between the provinces of Carinthia and Salzburg. It forms the transition from the Hohe Tauern ( Ankogelgroup ) in the west to the Gurktaler Alps ( Nock Mountains ) to the east.

In addition to the Katschberg Straße ( B99), which today has more regional importance, the Katschberg is of the Tauern motorway (A10 ) crossed by the Katschberg tunnel.


The Katschberg is part of the old transport connection Radstadt - Obertauern ( Radstadt Tauern Pass) - Lungau - Katschberg - Spittal an der Drau / Millstaetter lake. He was probably already used by the Romans as a transition. 1459 " a Oberstraß " over the Katschberg is first mentioned. Post was promoted demonstrably 1764 over the mountain.

Well already by the Taurisci saw the first extensive expansions of the pass routes, you could already speak of a road. For many centuries this was enough, but when the Romans came into the country, they had to be improved yet. In connection with the actual construction of the road on the Radstadt Tauern and the Katschberg by the Romans received from these a new, believed to be particularly bold road link. It runs in much different than today's road, even at St. Margaret in the Lungau it seems east of the present road to have passed through the valley of the knacker trench. In Unterbayrdorf you won through the investment of hairpins and a brief Ostschwenk in height; continued throughout his the road then in Grain forest. There are still two milestones, so there is little doubt as to the local pipeline route. While traveling over the crest of the road used but not the actual Katschberg, to the present-day country road defeats, but the slightly further east Lausnitzhöhe, a dip in 1812 m height at the Hafner Alm Today leads from St. Margaret, a hiking trail through the Esseralm to this pass, which finds its continuation as bad -traveled dirt trail towards Rennweg.

The road over the Katschberg, better said about the Lausnitzhöhe, as well as on the Radstadt Tauern overall was part of a single street, which are important for Norer and Roman cities Teurnia ( St.Peter in the Wood ) with Cucullae ( Kuchl ) and Iuvavum (Salzburg ) connected with each other and also further afield the north of the Alps with the Balkans. It is significant that 2000 years later, this old route underwent a renaissance, as we built the Tauern motorway, which forms an important link between Germany and the Balkans themselves.

In Moosham Castle, where the north ramp of the Katschberg merges into the southern slope of the Radstadt Tauern, was a small settlement in which were able to recover and care for travelers. There was also a small temple of the then so popular cult of Mithras, who was a long time in opposition to Christianity. It was found than in the years 1950-52, a water reservoir for an apprentice dormitory was built. Sculptures, stone inscriptions and numerous beautiful building parts were uncovered here. During excavation of the basement for the apprentice dormitory they came upon a layer rich culture filled with rubble from the Roman period. Not far from this place were also found numerous Roman cremation graves, which were covered with stones. From ancient Roman road maps you also know the name of this city - " Immurium " - which was far above the road on a mountain slope in and out of the other important ways as to Turracherhöhe. No later than the end of the Roman period the town fell and fell at once into oblivion. But this place was not a Roman foundation: finds evidence of a settlement for at least five pre-Roman centuries. Under the Romans the place underwent a revaluation, more houses were built; next to residential buildings and several guest houses, workshops, warehouses and even a small bathroom, and even the above-mentioned temple of Mithras. Slag finds appear to be clue that metallurgy was operated in place, surely you smelted here native ores, which they knew to find quite numerous in this area.


Built in 1929 J. Kastner, the first restaurant on the Katschberg. On April 16 1956 Matthias and Gertrude Bogensperger took over the restaurant from Kastner and built this successively in a four-star hotel. Today there are numerous hotels and holiday apartments on the Katschberg.

1957 built Matthias Bogensperger the first ski lift on the Tschaneck. The entire ski area he built in the years 1957 to 1997 from one of the largest private ski resorts with 10 lifts. Today the ski area Katschberg -Aineck with 16 lifts and 60 km of slopes from Tschaneck ( 2024 m ) over the Aineck (2210 m), to St. Margaret in Lungau. In 2001, the snowmaking system went into operation, and it was followed by an expansion and modernization of lifts. The Katschberg also has a 16 -km altitude track for athletic cross-country skiers ( 1640-1750 m).

Lifts and cable cars

The Katschberg has two gondolas, two 6 high-speed chairlifts, and two fixed-grip 4-seater, one 3 seater chairlift and 1 of 2 chair lift and five tow lifts and platter lifts 3.


As Shuttle act the double chairlift Aineck ( is in the neighbor season against a 8-person gondola replaced EUB ) and Tschaneck ( 6 high speed lifts with bubbles BJ 2001 replaces a surface lift). In addition to the Tschaneckbahnen there is a Bärwisenlift (ski lift ), which ends after Half track.

More cars and lifts

There is also the Gamskogelexpress ( 6 high-speed lift with weather protection and conveyor belts BJ 2001). There is also the king meadow path ( 4-seater chairlift, fixgeklemmt BJ 1997) and the Sonnenalmlift ( 4-seater chairlift, fixgeklemmt BJ 2002 replaces a surface lift). On the Carinthian side Aineck there is the Aineckbahn ( 3 high-speed chairlift detachable). Furthermore, there are three ski - lifts and plates.

Having been a DSB Aineckbahn and three ski lifts on the Salzburg side to the 2008/09 season, started from 2009, there modernization work. This resulted in two new 8-seater gondola lifts Silver Jet 2 ( BJ 2011, EEB) and Aineck Summit Lift (EEB, BJ 2009) replaces the third tow. There is also on the Salzburg side from 2013 a 8-person gondola (EEB, BJ, 2013, replacing DSB).


Pass, two landmarks and a Myriameterstein

Look at Katschberg and Aineck from from Tschaneck


North ramp