Kaufungen Forest


The forest is a Kaufunger to 643.4 m above sea level. NN high and approximately 170 km ² low mountain range in Hesse and Lower Saxony ( Germany ). It lies in the extreme north of the Osthessischen highlands, the Fulda- Werra- mountain country, where it forms an over - natural area, which also includes the Söhre.

On the other hand, however, usually only understood the unincorporated southern plateau north of the Great Almer Barren grave zone under Kaufunger forest commonly, that is, the north of the headwaters of the Gelster or north of Wedemann and the lower reaches of the Losse -lying part of the forest.

  • 6.1 watercourses
  • 6.2 lakes


The plateau of the Kaufunger Forest is located in the northeast part of North Hesse and southern Lower Saxony in the southern part. It spreads between Kaufungen in the southwest, in the west of Kassel, Hann. Munden in the north, Witzenhausen in the east and Großalmerode from the south. This requires, depending on the definition, the south subsequent Söhre be expected added.

Nature regions

Within the Fulda- Werra- mountain country (main unit 357 ) of Kaufunger forest is structured as follows:

  • 357.7 Kaufunger forest and Söhre 357.70 Söhre
  • 357.71 Kaufunger Forest Plateau ( Front Kaufunger Forest)
  • 357.72 Rear Kaufunger forest

Unless otherwise indicated, are below under " Kaufunger forest " only natural areas understood 357.71 and 357.72.

Lower edge

The following boundary sinks separate the Kaufunger forest from the adjacent natural areas ( clockwise from the south):

  • Western United Almer Barren grave zone with the Wedemann and, according to its mouth, the Losse in the south
  • Kassel pool with the Fulda River in the southern and midwestern
  • Mündener Fulda- Werra- Talung with the Fulda in the northwest and in the northeast of the Werra
  • Witzenhausen Hedemündener Werra valley along the Werra in the north east
  • Lower Gelstertal and northern Velmeder valley along the Gelster in southern East
  • Eastern United Almer grave Barren zone of the Upper Gelstertal in the eastern South

Adjacent ridges

In the southwest of Kaufunger Forest adjoins the side of the Lossetals Söhre, in the West closes by Hessian West Valley clearly separated, the hawk of forest. In the northwest, the Fulda separating the solid from the Reinhard Forest and the North East, the Werra is deferred to Bramwald. In the southeast closes beyond the Gelster, the much higher mountain massif of the Hohe Meissner with the Kassel cap ( 753.6 m).

Together with the Hoher Meissner and large parts of the Söhre forms the Hessian part of the "actual" Kaufunger Forest Nature Park Meissner Kaufunger forest, the natural park Munden adjoined by the north, on the Lower Saxony side.


The mountains of Kaufunger Forest consist of a 80 million year old sandstone plate, which is penetrated by some basalt cones and coal seams. Because this plate, for example, from or embedded Tone is partly impermeable to water, some bogs have formed ( eg chicken box ) and marshes. Traversed is the landscape of many rivers that have dug some deep into the sandstone slab over the course of millions of years or delimit the low mountain range to the outside.

Activities and Attractions

The Kaufunger forest is due to numerous hiking trails ( eg Mother Hulda path Herkulesweg, Kassel - climbing, Premiumweg Niester giants Premiumweg Kaufunger Forest ( Bilstein ) and fairytale land) popular. Cyclists and mountain bikers use the forest roads to keep fit and to recover. The annual Bilstein Bike Marathon attracts many activists and visitors. In winter many ways be converted to trails.

Among the attractions of the Kaufunger Forest include the Bilstein tower on the top of the Bilsteins and the location between chicken Feldberg and little Steinberg grouse field. A leisure attraction is the amusement park Ziegenhagen at Witzenhausen goats Hagen, where the ruins of mountain goats is. In the western reaches of Kaufunger Forest is located in sickle stone castle stone sickle and Nieste the archaeological site of the former castle Sensenstein.

From the airport Witzenhausen you can take off for sightseeing flights over the Kaufunger forest.

Transport links

Building the Kaufunger forest is among others by the highways 7, 80 and 451, of which the two first-mentioned lead to the Federal Highway 7. By the southwest part of the Kaufunger a forest those still in the planning section of the A 44 (Kassel -Eisenach ) is run in the future; another portion of this highway - with hessian Lichtenau - is already open to traffic. In addition, perform several county and state roads through the forest department Unger, one of which runs between Nieste and Kleinalmerode over the pass Umschwang.

Witzenhausen and Hann. Munden have stations on the Halle- Kassel railway; Kaufungen, Helsa and hessian Lichtenau be approached from the RegioTram.


The highest mountain of the Kaufunger forest in a wider sense is the 643.4 m above sea level. NN high Hirschberg in the east of Söhre. To the north, in the southeast of the actual Kaufunger Forest, whose Hessian forest areas Kaufunger forest are summarized in Gutsbezirk, the equipped with a lookout tower, second highest mountain, the 641.2 m high Bilstein rises.

To the mountains in Kaufunger forest (including Söhre - in mountains in the latter are marked with an asterisk (*) ) belong with height in meters ( m) above mean sea level ( MSL ):

  • Hirschberg * ( 643.4 m and 637.8 m) 1
  • Bilstein ( 641.2 m)
  • Mill stone ( 607.2 m)
  • Steinberg (approx. 585 m)
  • Haferberg ( 580.4 m)
  • Langenberg ( 565 m)
  • Small Steinberg ( 541.9 m)
  • Large Steinberg ( 541.8 m)
  • Rohrberg * ( 535.6 m)
  • Steinberg head (about 532 m)
  • Bielenstein * ( 527.8 m)
  • Exberg * ( 505.5 m)
  • Big Belger head * ( 497.3 m and 499.9 m) 2, 3
  • Small Belger head * (approx. 490 m) 2
  • Michel head * (approx. 485 m) 2
  • Book Mountain (482 m)
  • Big Staufenberg (approx. 427 m)
  • Chicken Feldberg ( 418.4 m)
  • Small Staufenberg ( 370.5 m)
  • Gerholdsberg (approx. 355 m)
  • Muhlenberg ( 351.8 m)

1 North West tip: 643.4 m, south-east tip: 637.8 m 2 mountain in Stiftswald Kaufungen, a branch of Söhre 3 western summit 497.3 m, 499.9 m Ostkuppe


The following waters of the actual Kaufunger forest are enumerated; for waters of Söhre see here.


Among the larger rivers in and around the Kaufunger forest include: (the Fulda and Werra upwards, ie from north to south, sorted, in parentheses length, catchment area and runoff )

  • Fulda, the Kaufunger forest happens northwest Nieste ( 21.8 km, 88.1 km ², 921 l / s), originates at the Steinberg
  • Losse (28,9 km, 120.6 km ², 1418 l / s), originates outside the Kaufunger Forest in hessian Lichtenau and forms, together with the right tributary Wedemann (5.1 km, 14.5 km ², 213 l / s), the western southern border
  • Gelster ( 18.2 km, 60.6 km ², 771 l / s), rises north of Hirschberg's ( Söhre ) and forms the eastern and south- eastern border of the southern


The standing water in Kaufunger forest include:

  • Red Sea, north of the Langeberg
  • Steinberg lakes, directly at the Little Stone Mountain
  • Steinberg lakes, directly west of the Steinberg
  • Michelskopfsee, right on the head Michel


Among the villages in and around the Kaufunger forest include:

  • Großalmerode
  • Hann. flow
  • Helsa
  • Hessian Lichtenau
  • Kaufungen
  • Nieste
  • Staufenberg
  • Witzenhausen