Kaufungen is a medium sized town in the district of Kassel, in Hesse ( Germany ).

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Kaufungen is located east of Kassel in the Valley of Losse and is surrounded by forest and the Kaufunger Söhre.

Neighboring communities

Kaufungen bordered to the north by the municipalities Niestetal and Nieste (both in the district of Kassel), to the east by the unincorporated area Gutsbezirk Kaufunger forest ( in the Werra- Meißner- Kreis), in the southeast on the community Helsa, in the south on the community Söhrewald, in southwest on the community Lochmaben (all in the Kassel district ) and on the northwest by the district-free city of Kassel.


  • Niederkaufungen
  • Oberkaufungen
  • Paper Mill: Paper Mill was politically the formerly independent municipality Niederkaufungen belonging and substantially populated industrial. In addition to the industry were there only a few Behelfswohnhäuser. Only in the course of the last 30 to 40 years, the paper mill has developed into a private residential area with numerous new buildings.


Was first documented " Coufunga " in 1011 as an exhibition of a document from Emperor Henry II Kaufungen was before this time probably a administrative center for the Imperial Forestry ( Kaufunger Forest), who belonged to curtis Kassel. When Henry II gave the royal court of Kassel his wife Cunegonde as a jointure in 1008, they moved the royal court 1008-1011 by Kaufungen. This is probably the already existing administrative buildings were converted into a royal residence. During this time, the chapel of Saint George was built, which already had a king loft.

In 1017 the conversion of the royal court in a Benedictine monastery, which two years later the villages of Lower and Oberkaufungen were given was. On July 13, 1025 Church of the Holy Cross, now the Collegiate Church in Oberkaufungen was inaugurated.

Four centuries later, in 1430, first glassworks created in Kaufunger forest. In 1527 the monastery was dissolved in 1532 combined with the also defunct Kanonissenstift Weather for " pin Kaufungen weather " and handed over to the Althessische knighthood. 1555 was the investiture of 12 trades with the right to mine of alum - a sulfur-containing mineral, which was important for the tanning, dyeing, paper making and medicine - around Kaufungen; the small factory was set back in 1714. Kaufungen was also the center of the inner Hessian copper processing trade to Scandinavia and Belgium in 1580.

During the time of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Westphalia (1807-1813) was Oberkaufungen administrative seat of the canton Kaufungen.

In 1839 the paper mill district got its name: It was the plant of a paper mill in Niederkaufungen. The connection to the railway network Kassel Forest Kappel was 1879/80 and implemented.

The sanatorium was opened by the Patriotic Women's Association of the Red Cross in 1900. Today, there is a clinic with geriatric day hospital and a retirement home, located in the beautiful Kaufunger forest. The Lossetal Stadium in 1954 was released for the sport mode.

The voluntary association of municipalities Oberkaufungen and Niederkaufungen the greater community Kaufungen took place in advance of the municipal reform in Hesse on 1 December 1970. A crucial step for improving the quality of life was 1970, the conversion of the former lignite mining development area in the leisure and recreation park Steinertsee. In 1977, the Mining Museum Ross passage was opened and in 1986 the Regional Museum Old School. After the passenger has been set on the railway line Kassel Forest Kappel in 1985, the route is used again today, after the town was connected to the tram network of the city of Kassel in 1998. By the year 2006, the RegioTram was on this stretch of railway also operated.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


  • July 2010 Arnim horse (SPD )
  • July 2004 to July 2010 Peter Klein (independent)
  • July 1992 to July 2004 Günter Burghardt (SPD )
  • 1966-1992 Gerhard Iske (SPD ) mayor of the hamlet today Niederkaufungen
  • 1953-1977 Jean Ross (SPD ) mayor of the hamlet today Oberkaufungen
  • 1952-1966 Gottfried "Fritz" arrow ( SPD) mayor of the hamlet today Niederkaufungen
  • After the merger of the municipalities Oberkaufungen, Niederkaufungen and paper mill to the community Kaufungen Gerhard Iske led the activities of continuing as mayor.


  • Ale Kommun (Sweden), since 1992
  • Bertinoro (Italy ), since 1997
  • Budeşti ( Republic of Moldova ), since 2003

Culture and sights

  • Collegiate Church Oberkaufungen is the most important late - Ottonian building in northern Hesse. It was built by order of Empress Cunegonde and consecrated on 13 July 1025, one year after the death of her husband, Emperor Henry II. On the same day Cunegonde appeared as a nun in the 1017 donated by her Benedictine monastery Kaufungen.
  • Bergwerksmuseum Ross response: This is an old mine of former lignite mining with horse gin. It is of great cultural and historical significance, as there are only a few of these old mine buildings in the German language area.
  • For the friends railway technical rarities six rail track at the stop Niederkaufungen Center is a special attraction.
  • Regional Museum " Old School "
  • Hessian Ziegeleimuseum Oberkaufungen
  • Kaufungen located on the German Fairytale Route, which runs from Hanau to Bremen.

Municipality Niederkaufungen

In the district Niederkaufungen one finds the greatest political community in Germany. There are living and working since 1986 on a 10,000 square meter area around a farmhouse about 80 people. The Joint economy is an important and central principle. All assets and income of the residents - including salaries, Erbsummen or gifts - flow into the joint assets, an additional pension is also paid together. Other principles are the right understanding of politics, the principle of consensus and the reduction small family and gender-based power structures.

Most residents work in their own businesses, such as a daycare, a vegetable collective, an evacuee for dairy farming, a carpentry and locksmithing, a day-care center for people with dementia, an organic catering service as well as a meeting house.


  • Athletics

In Kaufungen is with the LG Kaufungen one in the student and youth throughout Hesse successful athletics club resident. International success is the high jumper Ariane Friedrich, which starts now for the LG Eintracht Frankfurt. The association is directed since the early 1970s, each year two nationally known public runs out, the Kaufunger New Year's run and the Kaufunger fun run. When running larger of the two, the Kaufunger New Year's run, the number of starters is greater than 1000.

  • Inline Hockey

The Kaufungen Sharks are threefold German Inline Hockey Champion (2005, 2006, 2007 ) in the IHD Inline Hockey League. In Germany there are two inline hockey leagues. The German Inline Hockey League ( Dihl ) is operated by the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB ); the IHD - Bundesliga of the Sports Commission Inline Hockey ( IHD) in the German Skates and Inline Association ( DRIV). In both leagues German champions are determined.


The community Kaufungen currently has six daycare centers with full-day care, two primary schools and one comprehensive school. Secondary schools are available in Kassel.


  • Peter -Matthias Gaede (* 1951), journalist, grew up in Niederkaufungen
  • Martina Müller ( born 1980 ), football player, played in their youth at SG Kaufungen