Kaulbachplatz (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Kaulbachplatz (abbreviation: KA) is the 45th Metro Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn and was opened on 10 December 2011. It is 453 meters from Maxfeld Metro Station and 553 meters from the Friedrich- Ebert-Platz U -Bahn station and is served by the U3. The Kaulbachplatz is after the Munich history painter and academy director Wilhelm von Kaulbach - named (1805, 1874 ).


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg gardens behind the fortress and extends below the ground in east -west orientation of the Schweppermannstraße between Frederick and Kaulbachstraße. The outputs on each platform heads lead directly to the road surface and are located at the intersection of Schweppermannstraße with the Friedrich- or Kaulbachstrasse. From the western platform head lift leads to the surface northwest of the confluence Schweppermann / Krelingstraße.

In the immediate vicinity of the railway station in the Krelingstraße 50 is the Federal Finance Office South East and the Nuremberg office of the Bavarian State Tax Office.

Building and Architecture

Construction of the 242 m long and 8 m deep station building began in June 2007 and were carried out in an open design with subsequent capping.

With the architectural design of the architectural firm Haid Partner was commissioned.

On the surface, the station shows with two covered entrances for stairs and escalators and an elevator pavilion. These structures are made of organic shapes with glass roofs and side wall panels made ​​of black concrete design with oval windows, the architecture attempts to register with a contemporary interpretation of Art Nouveau and understood so well as a reference to the Art Nouveau buildings of the immediate area.

Artistic design feature are reproductions of images Kaulbach and other painters in concrete shadow technique: The pictures are only visible if you stand to the image side; then the representation is through the shadows, which is caused by accessories fitted on the other side light sources visible. The images are reproduced there:

  • Wilhelm von Kaulbach (1805-1874): Dürer's marriage to Agnes Frey, 1828
  • Herrmann Kaulbach (1846-1909): The two daughters of the artist, 1880
  • August von Kreling (1819-1876): Erwin von Steinbach (or: The Invention of the Gothic ), 1849 - and Scene of the siege of Magdeburg in 1631, prior to 1876
  • Design for a fountain on the Egidienberg, 1857
  • Coronation of Louis of Bavaria in Rome in 1328, nd
  • The recovery and the blessings of the gaslight, 1864/67