Kaupanger is a Norwegian village with 825 inhabitants. It is the Amla Bay at Sognefjord between Aurland and Sogndal.


In the early Middle Ages was located at the same place a marketplace ( Kaupang = trading center ), who became the first city in Western Norway. In 1184 Kaupanger but was completely destroyed by the King Sverre, after the inhabitants had refused to host a free festival for his deputy Magnus.


Main attraction of the city is the stave church Kaupanger, which was built around 1200, making it the third oldest stave church in Norway. Because of the paneling from the 17th century and due to renovation work in 1862 can be from outside the character of a stave church only difficult to see, but in the interior show 20 wooden pillars the original construction.

Also located in the city of the Sogn Fjord Museum with its old fishing boats and tools, as well as the Sogn Folke Museum, a remarkable outdoor museum with 35 original furnished houses from four centuries of Norwegian history.