Kawasaki W650

Rear brake: drum brake Ø 160 mm

The Kawasaki W650 is a retro motorcycle from the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki, which came on the market in 1999 and its sale was set in late 2006 in Europe. In Japan it was offered minimal change as W400. In 2011, the successor of W800 appeared.


The design is very similar to english motorcycles of the 1960s, such as the BSA A7 or the Triumph Bonneville. The "W " in the model name refers to Kawasaki W1, W2 and W3 models that were built 1966-1975.

Facelift 1999-2006

Through several facelifts the W650 has been slightly modified over the years. Among other things, it is equipped with a U- Kat since 2004, making the Euro 2 standard is met.

1999 model year

  • Revised speedometer because of reset issue
  • Available colors Red / Beige and Silver / Blue

2000 model year

  • Better welded main stand Rauf Name
  • Reinforced rear fender
  • Available colors Red / Beige and Silver / Blue

2001 model year

  • Increased steering head angle by 0.5 °
  • Modified tank vent (second Be-/Entlüftungsschlauch )
  • Second flap under the fuse box for easier battery installation
  • Front Axle changed (thicker front axle, other dip tubes, other hub, larger wheel bearings )
  • Front fender bolted instead of riveted
  • Quilted seat
  • Changed Knee Pads
  • Optional flat bar available
  • Available in the colors black / red ( high handlebars ) and Green / Beige ( flat handlebars )

2002 model year

  • Available in blue / silver and silver / gray

2003 model year

  • Only flat bar available
  • Available in blue / silver and silver / olive green

2004 model year

  • U- Kat to meet the Euro 2 emission standard, resulting performance limitation to 47 hp
  • Available colors Blue / Silver

2005 model year

  • Available in red / gray

2006 model year

  • According to the brochure again PS 50, but not a technical change known
  • Available in red / gray