Kay Ullrich

Kay Ullrich (* in Prestwick ) is a Scottish politician and member of the Scottish National Party ( SNP).


Ullrich attended Ayr Academy and Queen's College, Glasgow. Afterwards she worked as a social worker.

Political career

In 1965, Ullrich joined the SNP. Later, she was deputy party leader and party spokesperson for Health and Social Affairs. For the first time she joined the British general election, 1983 to national elections. However, in her constituency Cunninghame South, she received only about 6.9 % of the votes and thus missed the mandate for the British House of Commons clearly. At the general election in 1987 in Cunninghame South and 1992 in Motherwell South they could respectively increase its share of votes, but not win the direct mandate. After the death of Labour MP John Smith in 1994, new elections were due in the constituency Monklands East, which took Ullrich. Although she was able to increase the percentage of votes for SNP significantly, but they defeated the Labour candidate Helen Liddell.

In the first Scottish Parliament elections in 1999, Ullrich applied for the direct mandate of the constituency Cunninghame North, but was defeated by Labour candidate Allan Wilson clearly and thus missed the direct mandate of the constituency. Since Ullrich was also placed on the front ranks of the Regional Evaluation of the SNP for the election Region West of Scotland, she received one of the four list seats for the SNP in this election region and moved into the newly created Scottish Parliament. Under the following 2003 parliamentary elections Campbell did not occur to and difference from the end of the term of the Parliament of.