Kaytetye people

The Kaytete are a tribe of Aborigines living in Australia's Northern Territory at Barrow Creek and Tennant Creek. Your neighbors to the east are the Alyawarre, in the south the Anmatyerre, in the west and the north the Warlpiri Warumungu.

Language and Name

The Kaytetye language, like many other Aboriginessprachen in this part of Central Australia, is one of the Arandic - languages ​​and the family of the Pama - Nyungan languages. It is related to Arrernte. Alternative names for the Kaytetye are: Kartetye, Kartiji, Kaytej, Keytej and Katish or Kaitish.


The Kaytetye call the area around Barrow Creek Thangkenharenge. The rounded and weathered granite marbles, the Devil 's Marbles, which are called in their language Karlu Karlu, located on one of their spiritual ancestral land of the Dreamtime. The Kaytetye believe that the marbles granite countertops are the eggs of the mythical rainbow serpent that she put there when she moved in the Dreamtime through this area.

The Alyawarr, Kaytetye, Warumungu, Wakay have come together and get a native title for land and water in the south and south-east of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.


When Europeans colonized Australia, there were conflicts with the Kaytetye and according to official figures were in 1928 in Coniston massacre and other 60 to 70 in Barrow Creek killed in Skull Creek massacre in 1874 by the Europeans 31 Kaytete.