Kazaa Lite

Kazaa Lite versions are unofficial versions of the file sharing programs Kazaa, at the disturbing advertising and third-party software (malware) has been removed.


  • Clean KMD Was probably the first variant, she removed Advertising / malware.
  • Kazaa Lite K This variant also offered the options of Kazaa Plus. Next has a product with this name almost always own K -Lite options and additional tools.
  • Kazaa Lite After the integration of the K Options had become a matter of course, this was not indicated in the name; the products were called only " Kazaa Lite ," or " K -Lite ". One can also assume that K and Clean KMD merged.
  • Kazaa Lite Resurrection This version builds on the old Kazaa core, but wants to maintain the program by the variation of tools and settings will be adjusted.
  • Kazaa Lite Tools K This variant, also abbreviated as " KLT K ", allows you to customize the toolbox by the user. The " Search More" function works very efficiently so that you quickly find good files with many users. Unfortunately, she has not a fake filter.
  • K -Lite 2.7 K -Lite is a relatively new Kazaa Lite version and builds in contrast to Kazaa Lite Resurrection on the newer 2.7er core. There is an additional program that is installed with Kazaa KMD and this extended to additional features, spyware and advertising of the original KMD but not installed.

Changes from the original

Kazaa permanently indicates banners and opens the Search pop-up window. Also, it refuses to start without the malware. Both were changed.

In addition, further options from the paid version have been added, as well as specially -created options.

When searching, you not only infinitely instead of two " Search More", even also an auto timer for two minutes looking every few more seconds, for example.

It also additional tools have been added. Some rely on Kazaa, so that you see supernodes and import / export, or may accept temporary files (. Dat). Furthermore, programs for previewing media installed, and protection programs Fakes and anti- P2P companies. A Sig2Dat - Importierer and producer completes the collection. Some derivatives have another collection, Kazaa Lite Tools K also offers the adaptation to the user 's specific needs.

In addition, the level of participation so called is set to maximum, so you will always bevorteiligt in the network over regular clients ( queues). This usually requires GBytes to upload.


The original application file from Kazaa is not changed, but during the term of chopped and tricked. Kazaa namely would otherwise not run without spyware such as GAIN and eg also display a banner ad.

While the programs initially work as desired, hacking can be very disturbing during the term of the time though. So it can occasionally happen that the structure during run time changes in a flash or buttons / markers not work correctly.


After Nikklas Zenström Kazaa sold to Sharman, the manufacturer wanted to do with the program profit.

  • A Kazaa Plus baptized program was / is sold for U.S. $ 30. ( Today, however, of Seroph Holdings BV - Stand 2.2006 )
  • The free version was / is limited ( source use, "search more " options). Moreover, advertising has been installed, and installed a lot of malware.

For this reason, hackers have the client modified so that it runs without the built-in malware and Sharman have also caused that official clients are exploited ( participation level hack ).

Then, the manufacturer warned from the supplier and even locked all the old Kazaa versions. However, this did not help, because the community managed derivatives and new releases.