Kazo, Saitama

Kazo (Japanese加 须 市, - shi) is a city in northern Saitama Prefecture. In Kazo most of the known carp flags are manufactured and the city is known as their home. Famous Kazo is also famous for its udon.


In the north of the Tone River flows.


Kazo became a town on May 3, 1954.


  • February 3: As part of the celebration Setsubun the traditional sprinkling of soybeans will be held in Fudooka.
  • MAY 3: At the Tone River Jumbo Koinobori is the largest carp flag in the world hoisted.
  • Fourth Sunday in July: Summer Festival
  • Third Sunday in October: Parade of the primary schools in the city


  • Street: Tōhoku Expressway
  • National Road 122, according to Tōkyō or Nikko
  • National Road 125, according to Kumagaya or Oyama
  • Tōbu Nikko line ( branch of Tōbu Isesaki - line), or Nikko to Asakusa

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