KB Karlskoga FF

KB Karlskoga is a Swedish football club based in Karlskoga. The men's team played the club as well as the predecessor clubs Karlskoga IF and IFK Bofors several seasons in the second highest Swedish league. The ice hockey team made ​​in 1978 as a freelance Bofors IK.


Karlskoga IF

With the introduction of the Swedish league system in the summer of 1928, Karlskoga IF the third division was assigned. Quickly, the team established at the front of the table and managed in 1932 as in second behind Billingsfors IK promotion to the second division. In the first season in the higher-class league the club played against relegation, which was avoided at the last non- relegation zone before Majornas IK and Degerfors IF. In the following years it went up: 1935 parted four -point gap on the leaders Gårda BK as a relay runner-up in Division 2 Västra of the rise playing for Allsvenskan, one year later, there were two points to Billingsfors IK. In the two subsequent years, took the club to the end of the season in second place, the distance to the respective leaders Degerfors IF, however, grew.

In the following years Karlskoga IF played further with the front, only 1940 and 1943 succeeded once again the runner-up. Mid-1940s, then slid from the club in the relegation battle, until 1951, however, the class could be obtained. With one point behind the space occupied by Karlstads BIK last non- relegation zone, the team missed the league and got off together with Surahammars IF. After the direct resurgence had been missed in the first year in the low ranks in third place behind BK Derby and IK Sleipner, the team returned the following year as a table runner behind Redbergslids IK in the second division back.

The recent visit of Karlskoga IF in the second league lasted three seasons before the club together with SK Sifhälla descent again. Initially, the team established in the front table area without being able to intervene in the promotion race. By the early 1960s, the club slipped into the battle to avoid relegation, which was accomplished on a regular basis.

IFK Bofors

The IFK Bofors rose in 1937 in the low ranks on. In the following years, the team placed firmly in the top of the league. 1945 took the team as a table runner behind Deje IK the best result to date the club's history, however, had seven points behind the league leaders. The following year the club reached the squadron win the Division 3 Norra Nordvästra, in the promotion round he failed after two defeats at 2:3 IF Viken. 1947 IFK Bofors victim of a league reform. Although the team was third in the table, due to a summary of the third division from 17 to four squadrons, however, this meant the demotion. It was followed by four seasons in the fourth division, before the team climb. First, the team played in mid-table. In 1956, she won 13 of their 18 season games and rose as a relay winners of Division 3 Västra Svealand on to the second division.

The team of IFK Bofors played right away against relegation. In the first year she held as a table of eight before Surahammars IF, IK City, Avesta AIK and Karlstads BIK in the league, in the following year were missing eleven points on the space occupied by SK Hallstahammar last non- relegation zone. In the third division, the club sat first established in mittlerern table area before he came into the relegation zone at the end of the season 1963.

The fusion club

After the end of the season Karlskoga IF and IFK Bofors joined forces and joined the IF Karlskoga Bofors 63 together. The trading under the abbreviation KB'63 club immediately won the season championship in Division 3 Västra Svealand, but missed in the second division in the league. Until the re- ascent it took two years, but the team could not hold again in the second division. With 16 wins in 22 games they dominated in the following season the league and entered before Trollhättans IF directly up again. Accruing From now under the name KB Karlskoga, the club held in the second division. Only in 1977 was at the times but descent, accompanied by IK Sleipner and Lycksele IF.

1981 KB Karlskoga missed only because of the goal difference compared to the same number of points competitors BK Forward as runners- offs for promotion to the second division. This was followed by a crash that led two years later to descend into the Viertklassigkeit. 1985 managed to rise again in the following season, however, the team was the victim of a league reform and rose again from the fourth league. By 1989, the team went on there, after the ascension they sat down initially fixed at the front of the third division. The renewed decline in 1993 was followed by five years in the fourth division.

With victories in the rise of playing against the Topkapi IK KB Karlskoga returned to the third division. The visit lasted two years in the wake of the club slipped off to the Fünftklassigkeit. After the revival of 2006, held the club in the fourth division.


  • Sven -Goran Eriksson, denied part of his playing career at KB Karlskoga
  • Tord Grip, had as player-coach his first coaching position at KB Karlskoga
  • Daniel Tjernström, began his career at KB Karlskoga