The abbreviation stands for KBA following public and political organizations and institutions:

  • Federal Motor Vehicle Office
  • County building department
  • Kentucky Bar Association, American Bar Association
  • UG- KBA, acronym for Kibaale, see Districts of Uganda
  • IATA code for the airport Kabala
  • Keluarga Besar ABRI, parliamentary groups in Indonesia
  • Korean Biographical Archive with more than 40,000 biographies of Korean history
  • Commercial and office employees - party, faction in Bremen, 1919-1920

The abbreviation stands for KBA following societies and associations:

  • Catholic library work, headquarters for around 290 Catholic public libraries
  • Catholic Church Registry
  • Church District Committee, the governing body of a church district
  • Conference Bible spreader training centers
  • Korea Baseball Association

The abbreviation KBA stands for the following companies:

  • Kenn Borek Air, a Canadian airline
  • Koenig & Bauer, oldest press manufacturer in the world

The abbreviation KBA is also available for:

  • KBA ( cannon), naval gun / cannon 25 mm Oto Melara manufacturer
  • Junction control system, see traffic control system
  • Ordnance disposal system, see ordnance disposal

The abbreviation kba stands for:

  • Kba, ISO 639-3 code for the extinct Kalarko language dialect of the Pama - Nyunga language family, see Australian languages

The abbreviation stands for organic:

  • Organic cultivation, see Regulation ( EC) No 834 /2007 ( Regulation on Organic Farming )
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