KBC Duisburg

The Kaßlerfelder Ball Sports Club 1888 Duisburg is a German sports club. The club offers the sports of football and Tai Chi. In the 1980s and early 1990s, the now defunct women's football department made ​​the club known nationally and internationally.


The club was founded on September 2, 1888. The football gambling men had their wedding when they briefly reached the District League in the early sixties. In 1970, the club hostess Paula Schmitz, the women's football department. First coach was Gregory Grillemeier, father of the same name later Bundesliga players. In 1975, the first Lower Rhine championship was won, two years later, was first Lower Rhine Cup winner. 1980 KBC reached the final of the German Cup, but lost the SSG 09 Bergisch Gladbach to their investment with 0:5. Three years later, the KBC winner of the DFB Cup was. In the Siegerelf 3-0 against the host FSV Frankfurt was the then 16 -year-old Martina Voss.

1985, the only championship was brought to Duisburg. In the final they beat Bayern Munich on the club layout of the MSV Duisburg 1-0 with a goal just before the substitute Anja Klinkowski. That same year, coached by Jürgen Krust team missed the Double: The Cup final, which was first held in Berlin in front of the men's final, went on penalties 3:4 against FSV Frankfurt lost. Three years later, was the KBC in Bergisch Gladbach for the third and last time in the Cup Final, but lost again the domestic SSG with 4:5 on penalties.

In 1990, the League was founded, KBC was one of the party. However, at that time also began the slow descent of the club already. In 1993, the local rivals FC Rumeln - Kaldenhausen ( FCR 2001 Duisburg today ) rose to the Bundesliga. Just one year later, the guard was perfect. The KBC dismounted from the Bundesliga and disappeared into oblivion. After a few years in lower divisions, the division was finally resolved. The remaining athletes, coaches and staff joined in a separate department of the sports club Eintracht Duisburg.

Today, there are at KBC only men and boys soccer. The first team plays in the county league C.


  • German women's football champions 1985
  • DFB-Pokal winner of the women in 1983
  • 13 x Niederrhein Master 1975-1988
  • 11 x Niederrhein Cup Winners 1977-1988


Known players

The KBC Duisburg returned the following internationals out:

  • Sandra age (2 matches )
  • Gudrun God Schlich (22 )
  • Sandra stallion ( 7)
  • Andrea limper ( 7)
  • Birgit Offermann ( 7)
  • Claudia Reichler ( 3)
  • Martina Voss ( 23)