KDE Education Project

The KDE Education Project ( KDE Education Project ) provides free software for the educational sector. The spectrum of applications ranges from playful learning programs to developed science programs. These include topics such as astronomy, chemistry, geography, mathematics and linguistics. The project focuses on the working environment KDE. The programs run on all major operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X and MS Windows.


Linguistics and Languages

  • Kanagram - an anagram game
  • KHangMan - classic Hangman game
  • Kiting - Japanese learning program
  • KLetttres - to help learn the alphabet, and then reading some syllables in different languages
  • KVerbos - A specially designed to learn the conjugation of Spanish verbs program
  • KWordQuiz - a flashcards and vocabulary learning program
  • Parley - a Vocabulary Trainer for the flashcard learning principle

Mathematics and computer science

  • KBruch - provides tasks to fractures
  • Kig - simple interactive geometric drawing program ( IGS)
  • KmPlot - simple mathematical function
  • To improve small utility to the ability to deal with percentages - KPercentage
  • KAlgebra - a calculator based on the MathML markup language
  • KTurtle - Educational programming environment with turtles images

Natural sciences

  • Calcium - shows the periodic table with information about each item to
  • KStars - virtual planetarium
  • Marble - the virtual globe to display geographical maps
  • Step - A interactive physics simulator


  • KGeography - A Geography Learning Program
  • KTouch - typing tutor for learning of touch typing
  • KEduca - program to create and run tests and work

Software in development

Already included in the project but not yet completed are the following programs:

  • Eqchem - program for balancing chemical equations
  • Kard - a memory game for kids to play against each other
  • KMathTool - a collection of mathematical functions, eg for prime factorization