The abbreviation stands for KDS:

  • Kampfbund German soldiers, neo-Nazi organization
  • Kampfbund German socialists, neo-Nazi organization
  • Klöckner DESMA Shoe Machinery, a subsidiary of Klöckner -Werke
  • Committee for Democracy and Socialism, reservoirs former K- group members (1979-1981)
  • Communication data set, a unit of information in billing systems in the telecommunications sector
  • Municipal Data Processing Centre South Lower Saxony, see Municipal area data center
  • Karate -do Shoto, a karate organization in the UK
  • Small German language diploma, a voice of the Goethe -Institut
  • Body dysmorphic disorder, another name for body dysmorphic disorder
  • Kristīgi demokrātiskā Savieniba (Christian Democratic Union), a party in Latvia
  • Křesťanskodemokratická strana (Christian Democratic Party), a former party in the Czech Republic, the demokratická 1996 with the Občanská strana ( Civic Democratic Party ) merged
  • Keyboard Data Station ( an application for processing various messages for a pilot )

KdS stands for:

  • Commander of the Security Police and the SD, a kriegsverbrecherische organization of the National Socialists
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