Keblice ( German Keblitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located six kilometers south-east of Lovosice on the D8 motorway and belongs to Okres Litoměřice.


The village is at the foot of the Dubina panel, a southern spur of the Bohemian Uplands in the river plain of Eger. To the west rises the 245 m high Humenský vrch (Hahn Berg ), at the western edge passes the motorway route. The next exit Lovosice -východ lies a mile to the northwest. Beyond the highway are on Humenský vrch the remains of Jagdschlössschens Windsor.

Neighboring towns are Lukavec and Nové Kopisty in the north, Terezín and Bohušovice nad Ohri in the northeast, Brňany in the east, Brozany nad Ohri and Rochov the southeast, Zadnà Ves and Vrbičany in the south, the west and Siřejovice Sulejovice in the northwest


Keblice was first mentioned in 1249 in a deed of Wenceslas I., who broke out the location of the property of the monastery Osek and sold to John Herbert from Leitmeritz. Since that time, the village was until 1848 owned Leitmeritzer citizens. At the drop of the Dubina panel to Egertal vineyards were created after 1550 and the village became a wine-growing village. In the Thirty Years' War, the town was devastated several times.

A curiosity is the time after the abolition of patrimonial dar. From 1848 on there was in Keblice no landlordism and all corridors were owned by local farmers. 1870 was the Hahnberg from the proven since 1833 Dutch windmill, the hunting lodge Windsor. In subsequent years, the owners of the castle farm Tschischkowitz acquired all the soil from the farmers. In 1880 there were about 400 people in the village. By 1920, the population grew to 750, of which the Czechs were in the majority. Life basis was agriculture, with root crops and cereals dominate. In addition, part of the population worked in the brickyard Tschischkowitzer. In that time the village was one of the most beautiful places in the district. After the Second World War, the Čížkovicer large estates were expropriated and divided again. The hunting castle, fell into ruin.

Local structure

For the community Keblice no districts are reported.


  • Ruins of the hunting lodge Windsor, not accessible due to danger of collapse
  • Church of St. Wenceslas
  • Hussite Church
  • Monument of the Red Army