Keith Moon

Keith John Moon ( born August 23, 1946 in London, United Kingdom, † September 7, 1978 in Mayfair, London, England ) was a British musician who was the drummer of the rock group The Who until his death. He scored with his very dynamic, fast paced game and his exalted occurrence of the most striking drummers of his time.


Keith Moon began as a fifteen year old, playing drums, inspired by television appearances extroverted big band drummer and the movie Drum City with the popular American jazz drummer Gene Krupa. In Carlo Little, who played as a drummer with London bands like Screaming Lord Sutch and Alexis Korner together and lived in Moon's neighborhood, he found his first and only teacher. Moon initially worked with in some groups of students before 1963, the semi-professional cover band "The Beachcombers " joined. For the rock group " The Who" Keith Moon came in the spring of 1964, after the much older drummer Doug Sandom had to rely on pressure Townshends the group. At the beginning of the career of "The Who" Keith Moon developed together with guitarist Pete Townshend ritual orgies of destruction at the end of their performances to increase publicity. Although he neither appreciably as a composer nor as a singer with "The Who" made ​​its appearance, Moon was an important part of the group due to his exalted and show moderate style. In contrast to the traditional drummers beat- era Moon was not only a rhythmic foundation, but led the drums as a solo instrument in the rock scene.

Much like the drummer of The Beatles Ringo Starr was Moon as joker of the group when he showed much wilder appearances and a more excessive way of life: As the drummer of the R & B group The Pretty Things, Viv Prince, he fell through strong drugs and alcohol on and destroyed by almost every major appearance his drums as well as various hotel and residential facilities - long before it became a standard of behavior emerging rock stars. So he got his nickname Moon the Loon.

2004 was voted " greatest rowdy rock music " Moon posthumously by the British music magazine Q. He pointed Prince, Marilyn Manson and Elvis Presley to the places.

Keith Moon died of an overdose of his prescribed sedative Heminevrin, which he took to kick his alcohol addiction. He was in the Golders Green Crematorium and Mausoleum, the oldest crematorium in London, cremated and the urn buried anonymously.

The musician was from 1966 to 1973 with model Kim Kerrigan ( * 1948, † 2006), married with a daughter, Amanda Jane ( born July 12, 1966). His successor at The Who was Kenney Jones (ex - The Small Faces, The Faces ).

Moons equipment

It is worth noting that Keith Moon got along almost entirely in his drumming without the usual hi-hat. He used almost exclusively cymbals and drums, with the vigorously whipped double bass drum has become his trademark. It was not until the late sixties, as a studio productions required a more conventional style of play, he also put the hi-hat reinforced. Keith Moon was also known for his unusual and grandiose double bass drum sets.

Solo work