Kelmark Engineering

Kelmark Engineering was an US- American manufacturer of kit cars, in Okemos, Michigan, 1966-1986 was a resident. Kelmark focused on kits with middle or rear engines, which have been assembled from private clients or specialists by hand. Either the kits were built on the chassis of a VW Beetle or were tube frame in style of racing cars.

None of the models was produced in large numbers, but the GT was the most successful. It was treated in the magazine Car and Driver in 1977 and 1979. At its introduction in 1969 the car was a flashy styling that is allegedly influenced by concept cars of Ferrari and Corvette. The Independence was a fiberglass body on a VW floorpan, while the Liberator was even more tuned and could be mounted on a tubular frame, a VW or Porsche chassis or even on a different chassis according to customer requirements.

Kelmark also built a then unique vehicle, a VW Beetle with a V8 engine called Sleeper. He looked like a factory -made VW Beetle from. There was also a Corvair with a V8 mid-engine.