Kemak language

Spoken in

  • Austronesian
  • Malayo - Polynesian languages
  • Central Malayo -Polynesian
  • Timor
  • Ramelaische languages
  • Kemak




Kemak ( Ema, Portuguese: Quémaque ) is the language of Kemak, an ethnic group in north central Timor. For the most part they live in the sub-districts Atabae, Cailaco, Maliana ( Bobonaro district, 39,000 Kemak ) and Atsabe (District Ermera, 18,500 Kemak ) in East Timor, but also partly in the District of Cova Lima ( 2100 ) and the Indonesian western part of the island.

The language of the Malayo - Polynesian Kemak is a language of Timor branch. It is closely related to Tokodede and Mambai. Kemak is one of the 15 national languages ​​recognized by the Constitution of East Timor. She is the mother tongue for 61 969 East Timorese.

Share of Kemak - native speakers in the Sucos East Timor