Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd ( born November 8, 1927 in Liverpool), OBE, is an English singer, actor and entertainer.

After Dodd had noticed during his earliest childhood as an entertainer for classmates and friends, he applied the age of 13 at a Liverpool theater as a dancer, and he got the role.

After school, he worked in the coal trade of his father, before he sold as a representative of pots and pans on the front doors of his hometown. He also appeared in several clubs as a solo entertainer. In 1954 he made ​​the his main occupation. He studied the theories of the famous philosophers such as Freud, Kant, Schopenhauer or represented on laughter, and watched very closely the public's reaction to his jokes. He then meticulously feilte around to his performances that to make a perfect idea as possible.

Within a short time Ken Dodd was a comedy star. His trademarks were his protruding teeth that he had insured for 10,000 pounds, and his hair, which always vastly stood on end.

In addition, he worked again as a singer of romantic ballads. Since November 1962, he was produced by which specializes in ballads Norman Newell. In August 1965, he had his greatest success with the number -one hit and million-seller " Tears". That was a song that had been written in 1929 for Rudy Vallee, the American Frank Capano and Billy clock. Retrieved from " Tears" more than two million copies were sold, the single making it one of the best selling singles of all time in the UK. She excelled in terms of sales even while the beat wave the Beatles hit Help!.

Hit- Singles

  • Love Is Like a Violin (1960, # 8 UK)
  • Pianissimo (1962, # 21 UK)
  • Eight by Ten (1964, # 22 UK)
  • Tears (1965, # 1 UK)
  • The River (1965, # 3 UK)
  • Promises (1966, # 6 UK)
  • More Than Love (1966, # 14 UK)
  • Let Me Cry on Your Shoulder (1967, # 11 UK)
  • Tears Will not Wash Away My Heartache (1969, # 22 UK9 )
  • Broken Hearted (1970, # 15 UK)
  • When Love Comes Around (1971, # 19 UK)
  • ( Think of Me ) Wherever You Are (1975, # 21 UK)
  • Hold My Hand (1981, # 44 UK)