Kennan Adeang

Kennan Ranibok Adeang (* 1942 † 26 December 2011) was a politician and nauruischer President of the Republic of Nauru from September 17 to October 1, 1986, for a few days in December 1986 and 26 November 1996 to 19 December 1996. He was the father of David Adeang.

Adeang received his secondary education in Sydney at the Australian School of Pacific Administration ( Asopa ), which he completed in 1963.

Adeang was elected on 17 September 1986 after a vote of no confidence against Hammer DeRoburt president, after a renewed confidence vote he was deposed 14 days later by the same parliament elected again and again DeRoburt. The following December, the scenario repeated again: DeRoburt was again voted by Parliament and Adeang another time President. A few days later he was deposed again and DeRoburt re-elected President.

After this preliminary final deselection Adeang founded the formal opposition party Democratic Party of Nauru and could force with the help of the party members in Parliament on August 17, 1989, a further vote of no confidence against DeRoburt. Keno Aroi was elected as the new President, Adeang was finance minister. However, both laid the offices down four months later, as Aroi suffered from heart problems and resigned.

Kennan Adeangs son David Adeang founded together with, inter alia, Kieren Keke a more formal opposition party, the Naoero Amo Party.