Kennel Club

Kennel Club ( German literally Kennel Club, abbreviation KC) is a term for umbrella organizations of the dog breed in the English-speaking world. Without further designation is usually the British Kennel Club KC meant.

Use of the name Kennel Club

Numerous associations and outside the English -speaking world lead either directly these English names, or at least usually translated with that name in the English language. The term is used for both regional associations such as national associations that unite breeders of various breeds. Breed breed clubs (ie breed clubs, the only one race dedicated to ) hot contrast in English Breed Club ( Club Race ). The term kennel club is often used by the FCI in English-language publications as a neutral term for a national governing body, as in the following excerpt from the FAQ on the English-language website of the FCI:

"For the Following questions, the FCI requests the visitors ( PRIVATE PEOPLE ) to turn to the national kennel club (FCI members ) of Their country"

Umbrella organizations called Kennel Club

As a Kennel Club to designate more national umbrella organizations, including:

The umbrella organizations from Scandinavia using similar names. These are the Dansk Kennel Klub (Denmark), the Norsk Kennel Klub (Norway ), the Kennelklubben Svenska (Sweden) and Suomen Kennelliitto - Finska Kennelklubben (Finland).