Kenneth Gibson (Scottish politician)

Kenneth Gibson ( born September 8, 1961 in Paisley ) is a Scottish politician and member of the Scottish National Party ( SNP).

Gibson attended Bellahouston Academy and then the University of Stirling, on the one bachelor's degree in business administration acquired. In the general election, 1987 Gibson appeared as a candidate for the SNP in the constituency of East Monkland on, but was defeated by Labour candidate John Smith significantly and reached only the third highest number of votes even after the candidate of the Conservative Party. Between 1992 and 1996, Gibson was a member of the District Council of Glasgow, between 1995 and 1999 the city council of Glasgow. 1999 his mother was chosen as the successor to the City Council. In the Scottish Parliament elections in 1999 Gibson was a candidate for the constituency of Glasgow Pollok, but could not prevail against Johann Lamont of the Labour Party itself. On the basis of the election results but Gibson was one of four mandates of the regional election list for the SNP in the constituency of Glasgow and moved into the newly created Scottish Parliament. In the parliamentary elections in 2003 came again to Gibson for Glasgow Pollok, won in this election but after Lamont and Tommy Sheridan of the Scottish Socialist Party, only the third highest share of the vote. Since he only took fourth place at the Regional Evaluation of the SNP, he lost his seat. 2007 Gibson stepped to the constituency of Cunninghame North and won the direct mandate with only 48 votes ahead of Labour candidate Allan Wilson. In the 2011 parliamentary elections Gibson defended his mandate.