Keretapi Tanah Melayu

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad ( Abbr: KTM or KTMB; literally " railway company of the Malay States " ) is the largest railway company in Malaysia. Your network consists of the meter-gauge routes of the Malay Peninsula.

The railway system was built by the British colonial power and adopted by Malaysia after its independence. The rail network is now largely out of date and the track speeds are correspondingly low. The railroad thus has a lower priority than the aircraft or bus.

There are two main routes that lead through Malaysia from Singapore towards Thailand, called the East and the West line. The west route goes from Singapore via Johor Bahru, Gemas, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Butterworth to Hat Yai in Thailand. The eastern route, also called Jungle line branches off in Gemas. They crossed the mountain range of Malaysia and ends in Wakaf Bharu ( near Kota Bharu ) and Tumpat. There is no direct connection to Thailand. However, the distance between the border and the terminus Sungei Kolok in Thailand is not very large.

After the privatization of KTMB in 1992 a modernization program was launched in the course of which the west line should be electrified and expanded two lanes. The project was stopped by the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

Meanwhile, the distance from Kuala Lumpur has been put into operation to Ipoh from scratch and double-track electrified line as. For newly acquired electric railcars are since mid-2010 on the road, traveling at a speed of 160 on the new crossing-free routes every hour. In several Youtube videos are impressive to see how 160 KM / hr works on meter gauge. This fast and comfortable rail link has been very well received.

The remaining approximately 330 kilometers from Ipoh to Padang Besar border with Thailand - are in full length in the double track construction and expansion and be electrified. So far, about 65% are on the entire rail line completed, so that the commissioning of the high-speed line will take place on schedule in 2013.

Still in the planning stage is the extension of this modern train to Singapore. In addition, the east coast is to be connected by partial modernization and construction of this competitive rail network.

This is all done in the framework of the implementation of the UN project " South Corridor of the Trans -Asian Railway " and the related railway Kunming - Singapore.