Ketteler later Kettler is the name of an old Westphalian noble family. They belonged to or ministers. Your headquarters Hüsten is today a district of Arnsberg in the Sauerland district. The family first appears in records in 1210 with the Burgmann Lambertus de Hustene. His descendant of Conrad Hüsten occurs since 1318 with the nickname dictus Keteler or de Keteler, which can be translated as boiler maker. Until 1368 Ketteler vassals of the then powerful Counts of Arnsberg were. From 1561 to 1711 the family presented the Dukes of Courland and Semgallen.


Trunk line

1233 Conrad of Hüsten was mentioned as Burgmann House Hüsten.

Conrad II of Hüsten (* 1220, † before 1295), his son, was also married Burgmann of Hüsten and Heilwig.

Rotger I of Hüsten (* ca 1245, † after 1300), Burgmann, was married to Gwendolyn and lived at the castle Hachenbach.

Conrad III. called by Hüsten Ketteler (* 1285, † 1364 ) Knight and Castle man was in Ruethen. He was married twice and died in Bruchhausen in Arnsberg.

Rotger II Ketteler (c. 1312 † before 1378 ) came from the first marriage of Conrad III. He lived on Hachenbach and was married to Elisabeth Vollenspit. Her sons were named Conrad Munking and Rotger.

Conrad Munking Ketteler (c. 1342 † before 1420 ), his son, was lord in Borghausen at Werl in the Ahse and Drost at Castle Hovestadt. With his wife, Sophie, he had two sons.

Conrad Munking Ketteler (* 1370 ) inherited Borghausen, where he died after 1423. His younger brother Frederick (* 1380, † before 1462 ) took over after 1411, inheritance disputes Kettelburg built between Hüsten and Herdringen by his uncle Dietrich Ketteler, a cousin of his father. In 1419 he married Hilleke of Melschede.

Cord Ketteler (* 1418, † 1499 ), their son, inherited the Kettelburg. He married Adelheid of Cobbenrobe, with whom he had a daughter.

Elisabeth Ketteler (* 1480, † after 1510) married in 1496 in her first marriage Volpert von Furstenberg in 1502 and her second husband John of Hanxleden. This ended the lineage of Ketteler to Hüsten and Kettelburg was owned by the family of Hanxleden. Elizabeth died in Hanxledenschen Castle Körtlinghausen.

Rotger Ketteler III. (* 1346, † 1418 ), the second son of Rotgers II marriage with Elisabeth Vollenspit, married in 1378 Friderana ( Friderun ) of Altena Castle and acquired in 1382 and office 1384 Hovestadt and the Free County house aces in Lippborg, Lippetal.

Cordt Ketteler to Assen (* 1372, † 1446 ), their son, married Elizabeth of Gemen called Pröbsting and had 5 children with her.

Goswin Ketteler to Assen ( 1400, † by 1471 ) announced in 1440 that his father's goods with his younger brother Roettger, built on its share of Assen a new house and changed the family crest for himself and his descendants to the effect that the silver base by a golden has been replaced. He also changed the spelling of the name in " Kettler to New Assen ". He was married to Elisabeth von Hatzfeld to Wildenburg.

Gotthardt I. Kettler to New Assen (* 1450, † 1518), their son, married Margaret of Bronckhorst and Batenburg and had with her two sons, including Franz von Ketteler the later Abbot of Corvey

Gotthardt II Kettler to New Assen (* 1480, † 1556 ), the elder son, married Sybilla Sophie von Nesselrode and had with her four children, including Wilhelm Ketteler, later Prince-Bishop of Münster and Gotthard Kettler, the founder of the Kettler dynasty in Courland and Semgallen.

Kettler in Courland

Gotthard Kettler (* 1517, † 1587 ) joined the Teutonic Knights, in 1554 Commander of Daugavpils 1569 Country Master of Livonia. After the cession of Livonia to Poland he was in 1561 with Semgallen and Kurland as hereditary duchy invested with the proviso that after extinction of his tribe should fall to Poland the country.

Friedrich Kettler ( 1569 † 1642) and Wilhelm Kettler (* 1574, † 1640), Gotthard sons, the duchy ruled jointly until 1615, after deduction of William Frederick reigned alone until 1642.

Jacob Kettler ( 1610 † 1682), eldest son of William, ruled until 1682nd

Friedrich Casimir Kettler (* 1650, † 1698 ), son of Jacob, reigned until 1698th

Friedrich Wilhelm Kettler (* 1692, † 1711) son of Friedrich Casimir, reigned until 1711th His wife Anna Ivanovna took over after his death the regency of Courland.

Ferdinand Kettler ( 1655 † 1737), the youngest son of Jacob and uncle Frederick William, therefore, was only formally Duke of Courland and resided in Gdansk. Because he died childless, went out with him the Kurzeme Kettler dynasty.

Rotger Ketteler, the younger son Cordt Ketteler to Assen (see above) married in first marriage Pernette of Meschede and continued to live at the castle Old Assen.

Gerd Ketteler († 1502 ), their son, inherited Old Assen and married 1477 Leneke Korff called Schmising. Her sons were named Hermann, Rotger and Diederich.

Hermann Ketteler († 1512) was conducted in 1507 after a division of the inheritance with his brothers, owners of the castle old Assen. He married Leneke of Hatzfeld. After his death his widow received Old Assen.

Hermann II Ketteler to Old Assen in 1553 enfeoffed by the archbishop of Cologne Sale Thin with three Burglehen in Hovestadt.

Hermann III. Ketteler to Old Assen and Sythen was canon in Münster in 1577 and married Adelheid von Diepenbrock. In 1589 he asked for admission to emancipation.

Konrad Ketteler († 1625) was appointed in 1590 to the canon in Münster. He married in 1598 Odilia von Ketteler to New Assen. The marriage apparently had no children, because in 1630 the castle fell Assen and the Assen'sehen goods to the Ketteler to Hovestadt.

Ottilie von Ketteler eventually inherited the Assen'schen goods and brought them to Hovestadt 1653/68 her husband Gottfried von der Heyden, line to house break into the marriage. Her son was the Prussian General Johann Sigismund von der Heyden.

Ketteler to Middelburg

Rotger Ketteler, († 1523), the younger son Gerd Ketteler to Alt. - Assen, 1507 was first a commercial and residential rights in Old Assen as well as the commitment to be equipped befitting. After the death of his brother Hermann in 1512, he received goods between Assen and Hovestadt. He was in his first marriage with Margaret of Wischel in second with Anna of Böckenförde called Schüngel and married his third wife Margarete von Galen, heiress to Bock Hovel.

Jasper ( Casper ) Ketteler, his son, built the Middelburg. In 1541 he was enfeoffed with his brothers with three Burglehen to Hovestadt. In 1556 he was Droste Stromberg.

Conrad Ketteler to Middelburg and Bock Hövel married in 1554 the Protestant Berta von Raesfeld Romberg. He renewed the Middelburg.

Rötger Ketteler to Middelburg and Bock Hövel married Ursula Meschede Alme to. 1594, he was enfeoffed by the Bishop of Cologne with the three Burglehen in Hovestadt.

Goswin Ketteler to Middelburg and Bock Hövel married in 1632 Anna Elisabeth von Neuhoff called Ley.

Philipp Moritz Ketteler to Middelburg married Margaret of and Niehausen. 1684 the house was sold to Bock Hövel Johann Ernst of cranes in Soest.

Heinrich Dietrich von Ketteler to Middelburg lived first marriage to Anna Francisca from Horde to Black Raven and his second wife, Maria von Droste Erwitte. 1724 enfeoffed Elector Clemens August Heinrich Diederich von Ketteler with the three fiefs in Hovestadt.

Wilhelm Theodor von Ketteler to Middelburg in 1762 married Sophie von Boeselager, but died without leaving children. His widow bequeathed the estate on February 1, 1770 her brother Frederick Joseph Boeselager to Höllinghofen in Heessen at Hamm. 1798 Middelburg was canceled.

Ketteler to Harkotten

Goswin von Ketteler to Middelburg married Christina von Korff - Schmising whose branch of the family was extinguished in the male line in 1615. The couple moved into their share of the 1334 split ownership Harkotten, so now two families who lived and von Korff von Ketteler to Harkotten there.

Caspar Heidenreich von Ketteler to Harkotten, her son, Anna married to Salwey of pity.

Goswin Caspar von Ketteler to Harkotten, their son, married Anna Dorothea von Korff to Harkotten. He left in 1755 to tear the wing of his castle part and replace it with a new Baroque.

Alexander Diedrich Anton von Ketteler (* 1689), their son, married Mary Sophie Elizabeth of the Tindoor.

Goswin Lubbert Anton von Ketteler (* 1719), their son, married in 1719 Bernhardine von Korff to Harkotten.

Clemens August von Ketteler (* 1715 ), their son, married Mary Baroness von Galen.

Maximilian Freiherr von Ketteler (* 1779, † 1832), married on 10 March 1801 in Münster Clementine of the wenge. Their children were Joseph August, who later became politicians Wilderich and later Bishop of Mainz, Wilhelm Emmanuel.

Friedrich Clemens von Ketteler married in 1863 Marie Cunegonde from the ceiling, the heiress of the Hörde'schen goods Schwarzenraben and Eringerfeld.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms shows a rechtsgezahnten red kettle hook on a silver background. On the helmet with red and silver covers a silver plate with the boiler hooks between a silver and red feather. The line New Assen replaced the silver ground by a golden.

Bearers of the name

  • Franz von Ketteler († 1547), Prince-Abbot of Corvey
  • Wilhelm Ketteler (1512-1582), Prince-Bishop of Münster
  • Christoph Jodok von Ketteler (1661-1735), canon in the Bishopric of Worms and dean of the Knights pin Wimpfen
  • Clemens August von Ketteler (1720-1800), canon of Worms, Münster and Osnabrück
  • Wild Erich von Ketteler (1809-1873), German politician
  • Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler (1811-1877), Catholic bishop of Mainz and German politicians ( Centre Party )
  • Friedrich Clemens von Ketteler (1839-1906), politician and Majoratsbesitzer
  • Clemens von Ketteler (1853-1900), German diplomat
  • Wilhelm Freiherr von Ketteler (1906-1938), German diplomat
  • Karl- Josef von Ketteler (1934-2006), Westphalian home and family researchers