Kevin Smith (New Zealand actor)

Kevin Tod Smith ( born March 16, 1963 in Auckland, New Zealand, † 15 February 2002 in Beijing, China) was a New Zealand film actor and rock musician.


The son of a Tongaerin and a white New Zealander grew up to his 11th year of life in Auckland, before the family moved to Timaru, New Zealand on the South Island, moved.

During high school, Smith began playing in various rock and roll bands, but never thought seriously about acting. On the contrary - his dream was to play as a rugby player for the All Blacks, the national team of New Zealand.

1980 - 17 years old - moved Smith to Christchurch and went to odd jobs until he had saved enough money with 20 years in order to finance his studies at the University of Canterbury can. Three years later he married his childhood friend Suzanne, with whom he had three sons over the years, Oscar (* 1991), Tyrone (* 1993) and Willard (* 1999).

By chance, Smith also came with acting in touch, as his wife in 1987 heard the call for a casting. On a reconstructed world tour of Elvis Presley Smith got the opportunity to mimic a bodyguard of the musician, and was then in the same year committed for the soap opera Gloss.

He was in many, especially New Zealand productions front of the camera. But his most famous role, that of the Greek war god Ares in the television series Hercules and Xena, Smith should secure a wide fan base in Europe. He was also in Young Hercules Crossover.

In addition to his acting career, he was a member of several rock bands in New Zealand. He was also a bandleader of The White Lapels, a band that specializes in the new edition of songs from the 1970s.

In February 2002, Smith was just shooting at the Australian / Chinese co-production Warriors of Virtue: The Return to Tao in Beijing. On February 6, the day after the end of shooting, he wanted to continue their education with the help of a Chinese stuntman yet. Here he fell from a height of six storeys in depth. The exact circumstances of the accident could not yet be clarified.

Although paramedics were there and he was immediately connected to life-support machines, Kevin Smith fell into a coma and died a month before his 39th birthday, on 15 February, in the presence of his wife and his parents.

Kevin Smith should begin in March 2002 with the filming of Tears of the Sun. This would have been his first role in an American film.

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