Kevin Tent

Kevin Tent is an American editor.

Life and work

After an aborted study of Broadcasting in New York Tent went to Los Angeles and began to produce educational films. About Roger Corman he came in the late 1980s, contact with the film business and revised on whose behalf the cut of a film by Jim Wynorski. In subsequent years, Kent was involved until the 1990s, at various B- movies such as Corman's Frankenhooker.

In 1990, Tent made ​​his debut as a director and was involved in the staging of the action film Ultra Warrior. In 1993, his most recent work as a director with Blackbelt II

Tent was previously responsible for the editing of all films of director Alexander Payne.

For his contribution to the film The Descendants - Family and other matters Tent 2012 was nominated for an Oscar. In the same year he was awarded the Eddie, awarded by the American Cinema Editors Award.

Tent is married and father of a child.

Filmography (selection)