KF Ballkani

KF Ballkani is a Kosovar football club from the city Suhareka.


KF Ballkani was founded in 1947 as "KF Rinia Suharekë " by some athletes. 1965, the club was renamed to "KF Ballkani ". In 1973 KF Ballkani made ​​it for the first time in the league e Pare, but they already rose after a season in this league again in the league e Dyte. After that, the club played since 2000 in the second highest league of Kosovo, the League e Pare, however, was able to secure a place in the Raiffeisen Superliga in 2010. Subsequently, however, it slipped even to the third-rate league e Dyte, but increased after only one year in the 2012/13 season back in the second division on.


Xhebraila is the official fan club of the association. As such, it was founded in 1992, before the fan club was established as its own football club.