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The AS -13 Kingbolt is a technology developed in the Soviet Union Airborne Stand-off. The GRAU index of the Russian armed forces is Ch -59 Owod.


Due to the increasing proliferation of effective anti-aircraft which was used for property protection, they wanted to develop in the Soviet Union, a distance weapon that could be launched outside the sphere of the air defense. As a carrier aircraft, the Sukhoi Su -24M Fencer and the new models of the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG- 27K Flogger were provided.

The development began in the early 1970s in the state Raduga design bureau (now Tactical Missiles Corporation). The missile tests were carried out from the Sukhoi Su- 17M4 Fitter -K. The AS -13 was introduced in 1985 with the Air Force.


The AS- 13 is used to combat armored and bunkered ground targets. It can be used against a wide range of strategic and tactical goals, such as anti-aircraft, ships, transport equipment, transport equipment and bunkered systems. Due to the size only 1-2 rockets can be put to use by a fighter plane. AS -13 can only be used in daylight and the camera only allows for control of high-contrast targets.

Before starting the rough coordinates of the target must be entered in PRNK navigation system of the missile. After the release of the plane first, a brief non-driven phase. It was only at a safe distance from the aircraft ignites the solid rocket boosters on the missile tail. This accelerates the missile to a speed of 300 m / s After burning the booster this is discarded and the solid rocket motor ignites. With the release of the solid booster antenna for the 2- way data link is exposed at the rear. The cruise takes place at a speed of 285 m / s This can at an altitude of 100 m, 200 m, 600 m or 1,000 m done. A radar altimeter provides the necessary safety distance between the missile and the terrain. When starting from a low altitude, the range is around 40 km away. From a great height a range of up to 62 km is achieved. The flight to the target area is done autonomously by means of inertial navigation platform. 5-10 km from the finish, the data link is activated and the TV image of Tekon -1 - seeker head in the missile tip is transferred to the aircraft. Now the target can be targeted accurately and the TV picture is now transferred to the impact of the missile into the aircraft ( man-in -the-loop ). This also combating slow-moving targets is possible. It is achieved an average hit accuracy (CEP ) of 2-5 meters. To transfer the image data from the missile seeker head carrier aircraft with a APK -8 or APK -9 datalink pod must be equipped.


  • Ch -59 Owod: basic version with electro-optical guidance system.
  • Ch- 59E Owod - E: Export version of the Ch- 59th
  • Ch- 59L ​​Owod -L: Prototype with laser steering, project status is unclear.
  • Ch- 59M Owod -M: Development of AS- 13th NATO designation AS -18 Kazoo.

Carrier aircraft

  • Mikoyan -Gurevich MiG- 27K Flogger -J
  • Sukhoi Su- 17m3 Fitter -H ( Su- 22M4 Fitter -K)
  • Sukhoi Su -24M Fencer -D
  • Sukhoi Su- 30MK Flanker -C


  • Azerbaijan
  • India India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia Russia
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Belarus Belarus

Pictures of Kh-59