Khandan (1965 film)

  • Sunil Dutt: Govind P. Lal
  • Nutan: Radha G. Lal
  • Pran: Navrangi Lal
  • Sudesh Kumar: S. Shyam Lal
  • Om Prakash: Jeevandas Ramswaroop Lal
  • Manmohan Krishna Shankar Lal Ramswaroop
  • Mumtaz: Neelima Shyam. Lal
  • Lalita Pawar: Bhagvanti J. Lal
  • Sulochana Chatterjee: Parvati Shankar. Lal
  • Helen: Jati / dancer
  • Jeevan Kala: Sati / dancer

Khandaan ( Urdu: خاندان ) is a Hindi film directed by A. Bhimsingh from 1965 with Nutan and Sunil Dutt in lead roles.


Jeevendas Lal lives in a large household, by constantly are disputes caused by his bad-tempered wife Bhagvanti. Reason for this is since childhood one side paralyzed Govind, Jeevendas ' nephew, who is hated by his aunt. Only Govind's younger brother Shyam, who is studying in the city, they may suffer. Their father Shankar Lal, Jeevendas ' brother, and the mother Parvati let Govind but never feel that he suffers from a disability.

One day Bhagvantis Navrangi nephew and niece Neelima come from Singapore to visit. When Shyam returns home they are trying to set him up with Bhagvantis Help with Neelima to then rush him against his own family. Therefore you do not like that now Govind found a woman. They called Radha and she is an orphan, Govind's parents have taken up as a maid in the house.

For Bhagwanti, Navrangi and Neelima it is shameful that a maid enters the family. Therefore Bhagvanti ensures to separate the families. Even a wall is built as uncrossable boundary in the house.

There will be two weddings that are celebrated each in his own family circle, even if Jeevendas and Shankar have never wanted it that way. Soon after, Radha and Neelima expect their first child. While Radha gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Neelimas child is paralyzed arm.

Meanwhile, rising Navrangi a break into show business. But when Sati and Jati, cut off the two attractions, with the money Navrangi needs a new attraction and steals Radha's child to let it occur with an elephant. Govind wants his child to come to the rescue and gets in contact with electricity, which he can then move his arm and leg back. As Bhagvanti learns of Navrangi action, she is ashamed of her nephew. Navrangi is arrested and Bhagvanti even destroyed the wall in the house, to unite the family.



Filmfare Award 1966

  • Filmfare Award / Best Actor at Sunil Dutt
  • Filmfare Award / Best music of Ravi
  • Filmfare Award / Best Lyrics Rajendra Krishan at
  • Filmfare Award / Best playback singer Lata Mangeshkar on