Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

6272.5Koordinaten: 62 ° 0 ' N, 72 ° 30' E

The Autonomous District of the Khanty -Mansi, also known as Ugra (Russian Ханты - Мансийский автономный округ - Югра / Khanty- Mansijski awtonomny okrug - Yugra, Khanty Хӑнты - Мансийской автономной округ - Югра ) is an administrative unit ( Autonomous District ) in Russia.


The Autonomous District is located east of the Ural Mountains in the West Siberian Plain. The Ob and its main tributary, the Irtysh River, flowing through the region.


The Khanty and the Mansi, Finno- Ugric peoples, which are the closest relatives of the Hungarians, the titular nations. However, they only make it even from a fraction of the population, most of the inhabitants are Russians. This trend has been reinforced by the discovery and exploitation of oil fields. In the last Russian census 2010 1.532.243 inhabitants were recorded. Of these, more than 60% of Russians. High minority shares have also Ukrainians and Tatars. The Bashkirs, Chuvash and Komi from other autonomous regions. In addition, since 1970 many Azerbaijanis (1970 136 and in 2010 26,037 people), Belarusians (1970 3362; 14.703Personen 2010 ), Kumyks (1970 5, and in 2010 13,849 people), Lezgins (1970 44 and in 2010 13,335 people), Uzbeks (1970 57; 2010 9.970 people), Tajiks (1970 23 and in 2010 9,793 persons), Moldavians (1970 579 and in 2010 9,476 persons), Chechens (1970 68 and in 2010 6,889 people) and Armenians (1970 147 and in 2010 6,343 people) immigrated. In addition, Russia German living in the area. The Siberian peoples were represented extremely weakly with the titular nations of the Khanty-Mansi and Nenets.


The area was originally known as Jugorien or Ugra was visited in the 12th and 13th centuries by merchants from Novgorod. In 1582 it was conquered by Yermak and came under Russian domination. On December 10, 1930, the Ostyak - Wogulische National District ( Остяко - Вогульский национальный округ ) was founded, which was renamed in October 1940 in National District of the Khanty and Mansi. The status or name " Autonomous District " ( Okrug, also translated as " district " ) received the territory in 1977 to coincide with other previously " National Areas " ( districts ) of the RSFSR.

2003, the official name of the Federation subject was added to the word " Ugra ".


The oil and natural gas production is by far the most important economic sector. The Autonomous District of the Khanty -Mansiysk is the largest oil producer in Russia and has the highest regional GDP per head of the population of all federal subjects. With over 1.1 million rubles per capita per year (2007) he is after this parameter approximately at the level of Germany.


Governor of the Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova since 2010, which succeeded in this office Alexander Filipenko.

Administrative divisions

The Autonomous District of the Khanty -Mansi / Ugra is divided into 9 Rajons and 13 urban districts.


Administrative center of the Autonomous Okrug is Khanty-Mansiysk. The largest cities are Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk and Nefteyugansk. In total there are 16 cities in the Autonomous District and 24 settlements of urban type. All major cities are urban districts.