Khao Luang

The National Park Khao Luang ( Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติ เขา หลวง ) is a national park in the southern region of Thailand.

The 570 km ² park was opened on 18 December 1974 as the ninth national park of Thailand.


The park is located in the Nakhon Si Thammarat mountain range, in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, about 30 kilometers west of the provincial capital of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The park is the highest mountain south of Thailand, the 1835 meter high Khao Luang ( ยอด เขา หลวง ), who gave his name to the National Park.

Flora and Fauna

Plant species

In the valleys and streams, and moist places, there are evergreen rainforest. On the hills thrives evergreen forest and there are also mountain forest. Over 300 orchid species are found in this area, some of these species can only be found in the Khao Luang Park.


In the park there are a variety of wild animals:

At least 200 bird species have been recorded. The park occupies a key position in respect of the occurrence of mountain bird species in Thailand, a.

Among the 90 mammals were sighted include a Tiger Style, leopard, clouded leopard of ( Neofelis nebulosa ), the Asian elephant, the little mongoose Nacktfußwiesel, the banteng, the gaur, the Bindenlangur and very rarely the Malayan Tapir, also called Malaysian Tapir ( Tapirus indicus).

Among the 31 reptile species that have been spotted include Actual snakes ( Sibynophis melanocephalus ) งู หัว ดำ มลายู, whip snakes ( งู เขียว หัว จิ้งจก, Ahaetulla prasina ) and Asian rat snakes ( Ptyas carinata ) งู สิง หาง ดำ.


  • Krung Ching Waterfall ( น้ำตก กรุง ชิง ) - multi-stage waterfall, which is depicted on the 1000 baht note of Thailand.
  • Krarom Waterfall ( น้ำตก กะ โรม ) - 19 -stage waterfall and numerous other waterfalls.
  • Kaeo Surakan Cave ( ถ้ำ แก้ว สุร กานต์ ) - popular destination for cavers among the tourists.