Charif (Arabic مهرجان خريف صلالة, DMG Mihraǧān Harif Salalah; Khareef engl. ) Is the colloquial term commonly used in Oman for the Asian southwest monsoon, strip which stretches Dhofar in the south of the country from mid-June to mid-September.


The term monsoon comes from the Arabic (Arabic موسم, mausim DMG ), meaning " season " in the budget for navigation, as constant and powerful, winds prevail. From the 16th century the Portuguese in Goa use the term for "wind" (Portuguese Monção ).


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The southwest monsoon is one of the world's most dynamic interaction between the atmosphere, ocean and continent. It is formed by the interaction of two mechanisms. First, set air pressure differences between an area of ​​low pressure over Asia and high air pressure over the relatively cold southern subtropical Indian Ocean circulation going. His power is replaced by a monsoon called by physicists "sensitive" ( = noticeable ) tropospheric warming over the southern subtropical Indian Ocean by means of direct sunlight. This reinforces the monsoon and brings in the months of June to August strong winds over the Arabian Sea with wind speeds up to 15 m / s with it. The summer monsoon winds over the western Arabian Sea roll to the water and lead to a buoyancy of cold nutrient-rich water. The plankton- rich waters attract many schools of fish, which in turn represent a rich food source for many other animals.

Impact on nature and tourism

During Charif are heavy rain, as can be observed for example in India, rather rare. The moisture -winding rises on the slopes of the Qara Mountains, where it condenses. The mountain ridges are shrouded in thick fog during this time and the precipitation falls as a constant, very fine drizzle. The annual weather phenomenon is also responsible for ensuring that prevail in this region significantly more moderate temperatures than in the rest of the Arabian Peninsula.

The Charif regularly leads to a blossoming of nature. The water supply of the area around the coastal city of Salalah by the regularly recurring rainfall depends. The rain seeps quickly into the jagged limestone and fills the groundwater reserves. The water enters at numerous sources to the surface again. Thanks to the yearly rainfall agriculture is possible in and around Salalah.

The Charif and its positive impact is dedicated to the year by the end of July to end of August to be held in Salalah Khareef Festival. Musicians, poets and actors from across the Arab and Muslim world will take part in the 48 - day festivities. The festival is a major regional event, which has 2007 some 306,000 visitors attracted. Although 60 % of the visitors are Omani, come at least 30 % of travelers from other Gulf states, produces mainly from the United Arab Emirates and a small but steadily increasing proportion of on.


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