Khibiny Mountains


The Chibinen (Russian Хибины ) are a nearly circular mountain range of about 45 km in diameter on the Kola Peninsula in Russia. The result are the Chibinen by an intrusion in front of around 362 million years. They are the world's largest pluton is also an area with exceptional mineral diversity. The highest point of the mountain is the Judytschwumtschorr (all peaks have Sami name ) with 1201 m above sea level. Due to the northern location, the tree line is already here at 400 m, then follow the tundra and finally a polar desert stone, known as frost rubble desert.

On the southern edge of the Chibinen the mining town of Kirovsk in which there is also a small ski area is located. Here apatite is mainly mined for fertilizer production.

The Chibinen are known for their almost untouched nature, such as the Umbosero ( a lake from the surface of Lake Constance with no permanent settlements on its banks ). Furthermore, here and at the different lakes located infrastructure for campers such as in Kuelporr, which is accessible from Kirovsk on a road in the summer but usually only with an SUV. The city of Apatity in the neighborhood of Kirovsk is located on the railway line from St. Petersburg to Murmansk ( Murmansk ) ( about 160 km south of the port city ), from where Kirovsk is publicly accessible by bus.

Top of Eweslogtschorr ( 1049m )

Apatite mining Kukiswumtschorr at Kirovsk (1989 )

Overlooking the lake Imandra

Shortly before 23 clock low sun

Kuelporr with a small hotel and a station of the mountain rescue