KHL Mladost

  • Yugoslav champion in 1947, 1949
  • Croatian champion in 1947, 1949, 2008
  • Pannonian Liga 2008

The KHL Mladost Zagreb is a Croatian ice hockey team from Zagreb, which was founded in 1947 and plays in the Croatian championship. In parallel, he takes part in the operation of the game Slohokej league. In addition, the club took off in 2007 participated in the Pannonian League, which included five teams from Serbia and two from Croatia.


The KHL Mladost Zagreb won the first two seasons of the Croatian Hockey Championship in 1947 and 1949. Moreover, the club won in two years, the Yugoslav championship title. Although the game operation has been resumed in the Croatian Ice Hockey League in 1991, it took another 17 years to KHL Mladost Zagreb after 59 years in 2008 won the third championship in club history. In the same year Mladost won the Pannonian League for the first time.


  • Croatian champion: 1947, 1949, 2008
  • Pannonian League: 2008


The KHL Mladost Zagreb home games will be played in Klizalište Velesajam stadium in Zagreb. The Hockey Hall can accommodate a total of 1,000 people.