Khmu people

The Khmu, also Kammu, Khmu, Kemu; are a mountain people in northern Laos and in neighboring areas in southern China.

Settlement area

You can find this people, for example, in places like Phoukhoun or Muang Kham in Laos and in the province of Luang Prabang. In China, the Khmu live in Yunnan Province and there in Mengla. They do not belong to the official Chinese minorities.


The speakers of the Khmu languages ​​are estimated at half a million. Their language is related to the Khmer language. A common feature is about the rolling r sound which is rather rare in Lao. For modern words, numbers and times using the Khmu a Laotian or Thai vocabulary.


A traditional signal instrument, formerly done with the call to a village meeting, the slit drum K'look.