Al - Khobar (Arabic الخبر, DMG al - Hubar, also al -Khobar ) is a town in eastern Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf, about 400 km northeast of the capital, Riyadh. The population is about 165,000, together with the neighboring cities of Dammam and Dhahran ad live in the region over a million people. The largest employer in the area is the Saudi oil giant Aramco, one of the largest oil companies in the world.

On 29 May 2004, 22 people were in the city at a hostage killed. Armed attackers stormed two majority of western foreigners lived in apartment buildings and 50 people - mostly citizens of Western industrial states - taken hostage. Saudi special forces ended the day after the bloody hostage-taking. Most of the hijackers were killed in the storming of the building, but three terrorists managed to escape. The terrorist organization al - Qaeda -known on the internet about the attack which is directed against U.S. companies, the Muslim mineral resources would steal.

  • Location in Saudi Arabia
  • Province ash Sharqiyah

Pictures of Khobar