Khomas Region




Khomas ( Khoi language for hilly country) is one of the 13 regions of Namibia and the so-called capital region of the Namibian capital Windhoek. Khomas is the central region of Namibia and together with Windhoek and the surrounding populous constituencies, the political, administrative, and educational, transport and economic center of the country. Khomas comprises a total population of over 300,000 inhabitants, about 14.5 percent of Namibia's population and has one of the largest relative population densities in the country.


Vast areas of Khomas are part of the Khomashochlandes. Major mountain ranges are the Auasberge and Erosberge, east and south-east of Windhoek. The Daan Viljoen Game Park in the northwest of Windhoek basin and is a popular destination of many Windhoek.


Khomas is in the following 10 constituencies ( English: constituencies ) divided (2001):

  • Moses ǁ Garoëb (formerly west part of the constituency Hakahana )
  • Tobias Hainyeko (formerly eastern part of the constituency Hakahana )
  • Katutura Central with 20,988 inhabitants,
  • Katutura East with 17 737 inhabitants,
  • Khomasdal North with 26 621 inhabitants,
  • Soweto with 13,809 inhabitants,
  • Samora Machel (former constituency Wanaheda ) with 29 051 inhabitants,
  • Windhoek Country with 19,908 inhabitants,
  • Windhoek - East with 16,643 inhabitants and
  • Windhoek -West with 38 969 inhabitants.