Khorramshahr (Persian خرمشهر, also: Khorramshahr, until 1924 Mohammerah ) is a situated on the Iran-Iraq border river Arvand city on the Iranian side, in the province of Khuzestan with nearly 138,400 residents projected in 2012.

By 1924, Khorramshahr was among regional government of the Shah, and was called by then Mohammerah. Since 1924 it is under the present name in national administration.

Khorramshahr was and is a major port city, since it directly on the Euphrates and Tigris (confluence: Arvand ) is, the Persian Gulf and near Abadan, where there is one of the most important oil-producing areas in the world.

In the first Gulf War (1980-1988) was until June 1982 occupied Khorramshahr of November 1980 by the Iraqi army. The city was almost completely destroyed by the fighting and as a result of the occupation.

There is a Khorramshahr University of Nautical Sciences and Technologies.

Pictures of Khorramshahr