Khrabrovo Airport

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The airport Kaliningrad Khkabrovo (Russian Храброво ) is an international airport in Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave.


Civil flights were handled at the airport close to town in Devau Before 1945, which was used after the Second World War by the Russian regional administration on. Another airport was built in Tschernjachowsk, former Insterburg. End of the fifties turned out that these were no longer sufficient to cope with the increasing air traffic since the modern machinery required longer start and runways. It was decided to use the military airfield in Khkabrovo for civilian flights. The Air Force of the Armed Forces had created him as a military airfield Powunden, before the Second World War. Already at the beginning of the Polish campaign flew the II. / Lehrgeschwader 1 from here their attacks. 1962, the first scheduled flight of the formerly built for the German air force airport took place. 1973 a modern station building was built. After the collapse of the Soviet Union also its handling capacities were exhausted. Thus, the first phase of construction of a new terminal opened in 2007, which corresponds to modern requirements.

From 1992 to 2009, the airport was the hub of the KD Avia, which until 2008 was an airport operator.

Location and Transport

The airport is located at Khkabrovo ( Powunden ) north of the capital Kaliningrad (Königsberg ). From the airport to the city can be reached by bus No. 138 or a taxi. A new expressway, the Primorskoje Kolzo (coastal ring ) from Kaliningrad to Selenogradsk ( Cranz ) was completed in the year 2009 and provides direct connection for faster achievement of the airport or the Oblasthauptstadt.

Airlines and destinations

All flights are (completed first phase of construction, more under construction) in the terminal building cleared, which is also equipped for the handling of transit passengers. Compounds consist, among others, and by:

  • Aeroflot to Moscow - Sheremetyevo
  • AirBaltic to Riga
  • Air Berlin to Berlin
  • Belavia to Minsk
  • Rossiya to Saint Petersburg
  • S7 Airlines to Moscow Domodedovo
  • Ukraine International Airlines to Kiev
  • UTair to Moscow Vnukovo
  • Uzbekistan Airways to Tashkent