KHTML is a free HTML rendering engine, developed by the KDE project. It is mainly used in web browsers such as Konqueror and served as the basis for WebKit. KHTML is written in C and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License ( LGPL).

Supported Technologies

KHTML supports the following technologies:

  • HTML 4.01
  • CSS 1 and 2.1 ( CSS 3 selectors )
  • DOM
  • Bidirectional scripts (eg Hebrew)
  • Non- standardized extensions of Internet Explorer from Microsoft

Was introduced into practice KHTML in KDE version 2.0.

KHTML on other platforms

As free software KHTML may also be used by other manufacturers for their own browser. Apple uses in its Safari web browser, the layout engine WebKit, which consists of WebCore, a spin-off of KHTML (KDE 3.0.2 ), and JavaScriptCore, a spin-off of KJS. Nokia uses a WebCore - based browser on the third generation of its Symbian smartphones ( Series 60). Several other projects use KHTML or based on KHTML. See iCab, OmniWeb and Shiira.

More details

KHTML was the first rendering engine since version 3.5, the so-called Acid2 test, which correct for a presentation requires both highest standards compliance as well as the correct handling of incorrect HTML and CSS code.