Khu Bua

13.48693722305699.836819171944Koordinaten: 13 ° 29 ' 13 " N, 99 ° 50' 13" E

Khu Bua (also: Khu Mueang Bua, Thai เมือง โบราณ คู บัว - " Khu Bua Mueang Boran " Ancient City of the Lotus trench ) is an archaeological place about twelve kilometers south-east of Ratchaburi in Central Thailand. Khu Bua has been known since the 6th century and was a capital of the Kingdom of Dvaravati.

The excavation area forms a rectangle of about 800 meters by 2,000 meters and is surrounded by an earthen wall and a ditch. Here and also outside the walls previously were found 44 interesting archaeological sites. The biggest of which is formed by the foundation walls of Wat Khlong Suwanna Khiri.

The most important excavations took place 1957-1961. The findings contained predominantly Ceramic Figurines, representations of the Buddhist wheel and stone tablets. Today, the discoveries in the National Museum Ratchaburi and Bangkok are seen. In addition to the Wat Khlong there is also a small museum.