Chwalynsk (Russian Хвалынск ) is a town in Saratov Oblast (Russia) with 13,094 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located about 230 km northeast of the Oblasthauptstadt Saratov on the high right bank of Saratov Reservoir here to pent Volga.

Chwalynsk the Oblast is administratively subordinated directly and as the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons.

The nearest railway station is Kulatka, about 25 kilometers west of the city on the route Sysran - Saratov.


1556 was a Russian sentry on the Volga island Sosnovy. 1606, the resulting settlement was moved to the site of the present city and Sosnovy Ostrow was called (Russian for Pine Island).

1780 was the place under the present name the municipal law as an administrative center of a circle ( Ujesds ). The name is derived from the common in Russia in the 15th and 16th century designation Chwalynsker Sea ( Chwalynskoje more) derived for the Caspian Sea, as the trade route led towards the sea at the place over ( also the province of Astrakhan was first called to the Sea Governorate Chwalynsker ).

The city was one of the centers of the Russian Old Believers. By the end of the 19th century, the city lived mainly from the sale of grain and other agricultural products, especially the apples produced in the area.


Note: Census data (1926 rounded)

Culture and sights

In Chwalynsk a number of buildings dating from the 19th century is obtained, the Exaltation of the Cross Church ( Крестовоздвиженская церковь / Krestowosdwischenskaja Tserkov ) and the Town and Country Homes ( " dachas " ) of the merchants Kaschtschejew, Chertkov, Soldatkin and Mikhailov - Kuzmin.

In the city is since 1960 a Petrov- Vodkin Memorial Museum, since 1990 Sergei - Narowtschatow Museum, and there is a local history museum and an art gallery.

Not far from the city lies on the banks of the Volga the recreation and resort Tscheremschany.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Sergei Narowtschatow (1919-1981), poet
  • Kuzma Petrov- Vodkin (1878-1939), painter
  • Vasili Serov (1878-1918), Revolutionary


In Chwalynsk there are companies in the food and wood industries as well as a branch of the Saratov Maschinenbauetriebes electric feeder for hydraulic equipment.