Kia Asamiya

Kia Asamiya (Japanese麻 宫 骑 亜, Kia Asamiya, born January 28, 1963 in Kitakami, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist. By his own admission Kia Asamiya is a stage name, his real name is Michitaka Kikuchi (Japanese菊池 通 隆, Kikuchi Michitaka ). Under real name he uses to anime productions, while he uses his pseudonym mainly for his manga.

By drawing manga he began at the age of 17 years. Later he studied art and design at the School designer in Tokyo. With Shinseiki Vagrants published in 1986 the first manga to which he made the drawings. His drawing style also differed very greatly from today's appearance. He was the real breakthrough only when he with the cyberpunk saga Silent Möbius published his first story two years later. The series became one of the greatest manga successes of the early 1990s and Asamiya made ​​to fame. Silent Möbius was now marketed worldwide, only in Germany remained from the hoped-for success.

Asamiya was able to continue his success and it was followed by other well-known series like Dark Angel or Steam Detectives.

In the meantime, he also worked in the U.S., which clearly manifested itself in his style. Larger projects remained since the turn of the millennium and the stagnation of the manga market in Japan, however. Even with further Asamiya publications in Germany is currently not expected after the failure of Silent Mobius.

Works (selection)

  • Shinseiki Vagrants (1986 )
  • Silent Möbius ( 1988)
  • Gunhead (1989 )
  • Dark Angel (1990 )
  • Compiler (1991)
  • Assembler 0X (1992 )
  • Mobius Klein ( 1994)
  • Steam Detectives (1995 )
  • Nadesico (1997)
  • Corrector Yui (1999)
  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • Batman: Child of Dreams (2001)
  • Junk - Record of the load- Hero (2004)
  • Kanojo no Carrera (2005)
  • Himegami Gadget (2011-2012)