Kia Carens

The Kia Carens is a car model of the car manufacturer Kia Motors, which is marketed in North America under the name Rondo. It is being constructed now in the fourth generation and was the first compact MPV of the Korean group. The first model was available in April 1999. In 2002, the Carens has been revised and therefore to the second generation. In 2006, a renewed model change to the third generation. In the spring of 2013, the fourth generation of the Carens has been introduced.

Carens I (1999-2002)

The first - generation Carens came in 1999 to the market and lasted only three years. Its 1.8 -liter four -cylinder petrol engine made ​​80 kW (109 hp).

Carens II (2002-2006)

The Carens has been heavily revised in 2002. The now second generation was visually much more modern than its predecessor. The Carens II was built until 2006 without major revision. In Malaysia, he was sold as NAZA CITRA.

Carens III (2006-2013)

The third generation Kia Carens was presented on 25 May 2006 at the Salon International del Automovil de Madrid. The vehicle represents a completely new development and builds on the underbody of the Kia Optima. In the product range of Kia Carens the was arranged when it was launched between the compact model cee'd and the larger Van Kia Carnival. The Carens was as a five - and available as a seven -seater.

As engines were a 2.0 - liter gasoline engine with 106 kW ( 144 hp) and a 2.0 - liter common- rail diesel engine with 103 kW ( 140 hp). The gasoline engine is coupled to a 5 -speed manual gearbox, the diesel a newly developed six -speed manual transmission. Alternatively, it is available for both units, a four-speed automatic.

The equipment scope of the Carens was divided into Germany in the four variants LX base, LX, EX and EX Top.

End of 2010, the compact MPV a revised model was subjected to what a new grille looks intact. The engine range has been revised also. So from now on came two petrol engines (1.6 - and 2.0-liter ) with 97 kW ( 132 hp ) or 106 kW ( 144 hp) and a 1.6 - liter diesel engine in two power levels of 85 kW ( 115 hp) and 94 kW ( 128 hp).

In the U.S., the model Rondo said. The following petrol engines were offered:

  • 2.4 R4 with 129 kW (175 hp)
  • 2.7 V6 with 141 kW ( 192 hp )

In Malaysia, the revised model with integrated turn signals in the mirrors since 2012 by the company NAZA CITRA II RONDO than is offered.

Carens IV (since 2013)

The fourth generation of the Kia Carens celebrated at the Auto Salon in Paris in 2012 its world premiere. The compact MPV was launched in Germany on May 4, 2013 to market. He is about 20 mm shorter, 15 mm narrower and 40 mm flatter than its predecessor, the wheelbase has been extended by 50 mm to 2.75 m.

The Carens will be available with two petrol engines and one diesel with two power ratings to the market launch in Europe. The gasoline engines have either 1.6 or 2.0 liters and a power output of 99 kW (135 hp) or 122 kW (166 hp). The 1.7-liter CRDi turbo diesel engine offers either 85 kW ( 115 hp) or 100 kW (136 hp). In Germany, the weaker power level of the diesel engine is not available. The consumption ( 4.8-7.9 l/100km ) and CO2 emissions ( 132-184g/km ) were significantly reduced compared to its predecessor.

In the U.S., the model is initially no longer offered. In Canada, however, it will, like its predecessor, sold under the name Rondo.