A kick-sled ( Spark, English kicksled. ) Is a particularly common in Scandinavia locomotion and sports equipment. It can be used on snow and ice and is used often in the winter as a bike replacement.

In traditional construction, a kick-sled used to transport two people and consists of a built-up on two wooden or metal base chair, at the back two handles are attached as a link. The more a person can take a seat and is pushed on the carriage of a second. On steep and Gleitstrecken the brakeman can stand on the skids. Modern Sporttretschlitten have no seat, but only consist of skids and handlebars.

As early as the late 19th century was kick-sledding a popular sport in Scandinavia and was also one of the disciplines at the to 1926 discharged Nordic games. As a result of the kick-sled was seen more as a game than as sports equipment, but is used in winter, especially in rural areas as a practical means of transportation. Only since the 1990s came from Finland again a development towards a professional sport. Since 1988, held annually in the Finnish municipality Multia the world championships in kick-sledding instead.