IUCN Category II - National Park


The Kidepo Valley National Park is a 1436 km ² large nature reserve in northeastern Uganda.


Kidepo consists of two valleys with the Rivers Kidepo and Narus and surrounded by a mountainous landscape with the mountain Morungole.


The Kidepo Valley National Park was established in 1958 under the British colonial government as a game reserve. To this end, the people of the Ik from the fertile Kidepo Valley was sold, which contributed to a famine among the Ik. In 1962 the reserve was converted to a national park.


The park is partly - wooded savannah. The wildlife that can be found in other parts of Uganda, hardly, consists of 86 species of mammals and 500 species of birds. Among the permanent residents are greater kudu and cheetah while herds of elephants and herds of African buffalo seek in finding temporary water bodies the otherwise arid park.


The park is rarely visited because it is difficult to achieve, especially in the rainy season, which lasts from April to September.