The Kiffing is a Forstort in ancient woodlands Werder wood / in an unnamed and to 344.1 m above sea level. NN high ridge of Kuppigen Solling in the natural area Solling, Bramwald and Reinhard forest in the district of Kassel, Hesse ( Germany ).

For Werder wood include various forestry and forest species, among them the nuns wood, the Heuberg, the pipe surface and the Kiffing.

Geographical location

The Kiffing, which lies in the far north of North Hesse, part of the natural space Kuppiger Solling (No. 370.1 ), a scoring in the Weser Uplands The Weser -Leine Bergland part of the natural ecosystem Solling, Bramwald and Reinhard Forest. It is situated between the southern slopes of the Solling in the north and the northern foothills of the Bramwalds in the south. It is located in the ancient woodlands Werder wood, which is north-east and north bounded by the lower reaches of the Schwülme, southwest and west of a section of the Upper Weser, located on the western banks of the Reinhard Forest. It extends between the municipalities of choice castle in the northwest and eastern and upper Weser in the south and southwest, the latter community has the largest share of Kiffing.

Previous name

The name derives from Werder wood that the village Gieselwerder from and is historically proven by the case files of a process between Hesse and Brunswick before the Imperial Chamber Court ( Central State Archive of Hanover, Cal Br 1-1324, 1559.. ):

"Sets and says Landtgrauischer Anwaldt was true, daz several gewälde, geholtz vndt wildtfuren Beyond genant the water of the Weser, between the two Clostern Lippoldesberg vndt Bursfeldt, even the two of Hessian villages Walshausen vndt Hesenbergk, under common name daz Werder wood, In furstenthumb to hessen located. "

The historical term for the Werder wood is forgotten today in the language of the surrounding villages, also recorded on many maps and topographic maps for the term Kiffing Forstort is generally little known.


The Werder wood, which is part Heuberg to 344.1 m height reached and the eastern part of the " national forest bath Karl port " is, apart from its western and north-eastern foothills and forested range in its central part. In its northern part above is or south-east of the valley " Pfeiffengrund " the " hospital and rehabilitation center Lippold mountain", located in the north- east to the west above the valley " Köhler basic " small " stone cliffs " in the east along the so-called "saddle" a small shooting range.


Among the mountains and elevations of Kiffing and Werder wood - sorted by height in meters ( m) above sea level:

  • Heuberg ( 344.1 m); with transmission tower
  • Zwersberg ( 319.4 m)
  • Rappenhagen ( 300.7 m)
  • Wahlburg (approx. 245 m; ring with Wall )
  • Rock cliffs (about 237 m)


Among the rivers in and around the Kiffing and Werder wood include:

  • Föhrenbach ( tributary of the Weser)
  • Hell trench ( tributary of the Weser)
  • Rodenbach (tributary of Schwülme )
  • Schwülme ( tributary of the Weser)
  • Weser (power to the North Sea )


  • Lippold mountain ( to Wahlburg ) in the northwest
  • Vernawahlshausen ( to Wahlburg ) in the north
  • Arenborn ( to upper Weser ) in the east
  • Heisebeck ( to upper Weser) in the southeast
  • Oedelsheim ( to upper Weser ) in the south
  • Gieselwerder ( to upper Weser) in the southwest